4th and Dock

4th and Dock

 Hollywood, California, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Original blend of alt blues and hook driven venemous southern rock leaves little to the imagination.Everything that pours through their amps is visually exploded onto the stage and sends crowds into a rock and roll frenzy with heavy bass lines and raw, yet intelligent lyrics. Its just Rock and Roll


4th and Dock

4th and Dock formed in late 2003 as an acoustic rock act in Wilmington, NC. Over the years, their sound along with their lineup evolved dramatically. In 2007, original member Mikal Crist (Vocals) joined forces with Alex Seller (guitar - formally with The End of Detroit) to form their current and most powerful lineup. After many shows and the recording of a 4 track EP, 4th and Dock relocated to Los Angeles, CA in 2008 where they are currently working and writing to record their first full length album. With the addition of guitar player Brent Oliver, drummer Alex Sivers and bassist Michael Luebke the band is poised to reach new highs while playing gigs at The House of Blues, The Knitting Factory and The Roxy. This is a band that can not be fully appreciated until you see their riveting live performance that will keep you on the edge and have you telling yourself, "Rock N Roll has a new address" - 4th and Dock


American Masquerade EP
1. Black Limousine
2. Want it all the time
3. American Masquerade
4. Speak Easy

Set List

Black Limo, American Masquerade, Want it all the Time, Speakeasy, Hold On, On my Side, Last Time, Suddenly I, Horse Song, World is on Fire, Get By, Punchdrunk Playground, Car Crash Nightmare, Madeline, Intellectual Zombie, Skin Deep
1 Hour
Typically dont play covers but if we do:
Beatles, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones