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The best kept secret in music


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"Documentary of Microphone Sessions Vol. I & II" Vocab Malone
"Word Or In Deed" John Rueben EP
Cruvention 98 Freestyle Vex Da Vortex
"Global" 4th Command (F.C.) for Sphereofhiphop.com
"2 MC's" Vocab Malone
"All In A Days Work" PiPeDown Unreleased.
"Let it Be Known" Hazakim

Upcoming projects:
"DJ Layne Luv Mixtape" Power 107.5/Radio One
"Evolution of A BeatMaker Vol. I" F.C.
"Not My Will" B. Moses
"By Way Of Word" SWORD


Feeling a bit camera shy


Like most producers, I started out as a DJ. I would DJ parties for friends and relatives in my old neighborhood. Even though I had a desire to make beats and dreamed of being like Marley Marl and Dr. Dre, being a DJ just seemed more exciting as a teenager. But as time progressed and I moved out of my old neighborhood. I progressed and explored different roles in Hip-hop. In 1994 I moved to Westerville where I hooked up with DJ Bombay, we started a group called the Architects where I went by the name DJ Mello (because of the effect alcohol had on me). Even though I was in the world and lived the basic 'sometimes a thug, sometimes a pimp' lifestyle, I felt the Lord calling me because I never felt comfortable associating my lifestyle with the music I made.

Coming to a crossroad in my life and the death of one of the Architects I gave my life to the Lord in Nov. 1995. After many bumps, bruises and one child later, I began to take production more seriously and pushed DJ'ing to the side. Doing music by myself, a relative introduced me to Tony Wray (Hazakim), who introduced me to John Rueben in 1997, who asked me to be apart of the Showcase MC's. Since at that point I had acquired new friends that loved the Lord 1st and had a love for hip-hop 2nd, I found it easier to let go of my worldly ways. Letting go of the alcohol, parties and part-time hustling I also let go of my worldly identity and changed my name to 4th Command (F.C.). Going to a Seventh-day Adventist church where the 4th commandment is taught in detail, I felt like that made me different than John Rueben and the rest of the crew. Plus the name just sounds dope!

Anyway, that was just the beginning. While initially making tracks for John Reuben's EP and Showcase my beats ended up going to Vocab Malone, due to the fact that Vocab was always on point and the only one with his rhymes ready when it was time to record. My heart was set on getting signed and getting paid. Showcase later fizzled out and John signed to Gotee Records leaving Vocab and I with unreleased beats, rhymes and a disarranged crew. But together we worked on several projects and networked all over the country until I came to another crossroad, forcing me to choose between music and my children.

After a year of debating with God as to how "I" thought things should be and blaming Him for not allowing me to become a "Big Star". The Lord showed me how the enemy was slowly stripping me of almost everything I had. Needless to say, I gave in to the Lord's will; not knowing for sure anymore that music was my calling. I sold all of my equipment scrapped all the projects that I worked on and didn't make any music at all for the next 2 years. During that 2 years the Lord searched my heart thoroughly and revealed to me the scripture Colossians 3:17. He then commanded me to do everything, whether in word or in deed with a whole heart as unto Him.

Absorbing this new revelation on my life I asked God if it was OK with him to start doing music again. This time I wasn't looking at getting signed or getting paid but just the joy I get from knowing God gave me a talent. As I got back into the swing of things I met new friends and not only started producing tracks again but also got into promoting concerts and hip-hop events through Samuel Cordova and Alon Auguste. In fall of 2000 while planning an event I called Buster, a close friend from my old neighborhood, and asked him for some help. I just wanted to know if his crew GreenHouse Effect would do a show with us. Buster said yes, but he also wanted to know if I would produce some tracks for his solo album. I was hesitant because "Bus" was secular and I was just absorbing my new revelation on life. I talked to the Lord about it and eventually said yes, but in the middle of that project Bus, whose MC name was Inkwel gave his life and talents to the Lord and changed his name to S.W.O.R.D. This, for me, was confirmation that everything I do in word and in deed must be done with a whole heart, unto the Lord. Now I understand, though I'm still learning, that music is NOT my "calling", but being obedient is my calling. Being a witness in everything I do and say is what the Lord wants. Letting my hardship and my joy be an example of what God can and will do is what he put me here for. Hip-hop is just scratching the surface.