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"Local band plays at Hastings"

Local band plays at Hastings
NewsPress Staff

Stillwater band 4th Order will perform at Hastings Friday to promote its new CD, “Snake Oil.”

Band members will also sign CDs and have a merchandise giveaway during the event, which will be from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“Snake Oil,” the follow-up to 4th Order’s 2004 debut album “13,” is a mix of rock, red dirt and a tiny bit of funk, band members said.

Songs range from the introspective; everybody-has-a-dream story of “Once Upon A Time” to the straightforward rock of “Brought Down.”

“There is something magical about this album,” said guitarist Stephen Holt. “We have grown and matured so much over the years and you can definitely hear that as you listen to this disc. We intend to leave our mark on this world.”

The band has performed across Oklahoma and surrounding states since 2002.

Band members are Bill Allsup, vocals; Holt; Jeremy Allison, bass; Eric Hoffman, drums; and Brett Riegel, sound.

4th Order will also play Saturday at the Spring Music Festival in Yale, which will be from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Admission is free.

Other upcoming concert dates include Tattoopalooza in Oklahoma City (in the 4200 block of N.W. 10th) from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday and Studio 360 in Norman on June 15. - Stillwater Newspress

"Third Place unplugs with 4th Order for fifth year"

Third Place unplugs with 4th Order for fifth year
By Beau Blackstock
Contributing Writer
Christopher Baker/O’Collegian

Local Stillwater band “4th Order” entertains art patrons on the Third Place patio Saturday night. During its concert, the band sold copies of their debut album, “13,” and other merchandise. “4th Order” wrapped up a weekend of live music celebrating the Third Place’s fifth anniversary.

In continuing celebration of Third Place’s fifth anniversary, the band 4th Order played a free unplugged show on the patio at Third Place on Saturday.

The concert attracted about 150 students and fans of 4th Order.

“I’m always interested in local bands,” said Brooke Washington, animal sciences sophomore. “I love the Third Place, and I’m always interested to hear something new.”

4th Order is not on an official tour but played in support of local artists and applauded the fans for supporting local acts.

“The show was intimate, and I liked how involved the band was with the crowd,” said Nathan Putnam, business sophomore.

During the show, lead singer Bill Allsup walked around the porch and between people standing on the sidewalk.

4th Order consists of Steve Holt on lead guitar, Jeremy Allison on bass and guitar, Corey Brown on drums and Bill Allsup on vocals.

The band’s major influence is the Seattle grunge scene that includes Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. The band’s influences could easily be seen in its music. They also performed “Wicked Garden” by Stone Temple Pilots.

“They sounded like Alice in Chains,” said Heather Beem, mechanical engineering junior. “They had a grungy sound.”

The fans weren’t too involved or into the show because many were there to hang out or check out the art show on display inside. 4th Order tried to keep interest by greeting new people that walked onto the patio and asking for cheers, which resulted in a quick but short-lived roar.

During its concert, the band sold copies of its debut CD, “13,” along with other merchandise. Allsup encouraged the crowd to purchase the CD on the patio to avoid giving money to corporate America.
- The Daily O'Collegian

"2006 PCL Music Awards"

2006 Payne County Line Oklahoma Music Award - Metal Band Of The Year: 4th Order - Payne County Line Promotions

"LIVE SHow Review - 4th Order Unplugged"

4th Order UNPLUGGED at Joseppi's last Friday Night........... was a tremendous success. 4th Order had one of the best turnouts ever, which is pretty weird considering the venue. 4th Order was real loose and the crowd was up close and intimate. No bright lights or heavy distorted guitars to hide behind at the show. 4th Order had the crowd tapping their toes and the wait staff singing along to the songs. Even the guys from the kitchen came out to cheer us on. What a great place! But then again, all of Stan Clark’s places are cool. Anyway, one of the best compliments 4th Order could receive came during their first break after playing for about an hour. The manager came up and signed 4th Order up for another show on the 26th of September, which is the last Friday in September. Naturally, 4th Order’s reputation had preceded them and Joseppi’s were deathly afraid 4th Order was going to come in and scare all their patrons away with screaming guitars and piercing vocals. Instead, 4th Order led off with some of their solid originals and then eased into some very popular songs from a few years ago, and then it was all downhill from there. 4th Order has a wonderful following of great fans and since there was no age restrictions, and some of the best food and drink in town on hand, 4th Order really packed the place. And what bar manager, or venue owner doesn't love that?! Joseppi’s quickly invited 4th Order back and of course they accepted. 4th Order started about 8:20 and played until 11:45, with two 15 minute breaks. So it was almost three hours of music. The show went very well, and 4th Order agreed that it was worthwhile to keep on playing with this set up while 4th Order continues to pursue an all original "plugged in" career, as well. So after hearing this, I think 4th Order would be a good fit for Planet Rock, or any other venue that is interested in an acoustic rock band. 4th Order can play one, two, or three sets of music with plenty of covers mixed in with their originals. The mix was just about 50/50 Friday night and 4th Order got great response from the crowd on both covers and originals. All the songs are easy on the ears, so venues that don't want a hard rocking act, will probably really appreciate this “Alternative” 4th Order sound. Keep 4th Order in mind if your venue is looking for an acoustic rock band. 4th Order is ready to rock and roll the night away for you, and if you love good solid rock, this is THE band to see when they appear next in your city or favorite venue! And remember too that Friday, the 26th of September, is the next time that 4th Order will take the stage at Joseppi’s!! Remember the name… 4th Order! - Stan Moffat, PCL


"Snake Oil" - 2007
"13" - 2004
"Unplugged" - 2002



4th Order is a modern day rock band whose sound is similar in style to current chart-topping bands such as Seether, Audioslave, and Nickelback.

On March 13th, 2007 the band released their second album "SNAKE OIL" to a packed house of crazed fans in their hometown gentleman's club, The Dragon's Lair. July 2007 brought the release of 4th Order's first major music video for the track "Brought Down". The video premiered live to another packed house of fans and was accompanied by a live performance.

In July of 2004, the band teamed up with Lunacy Records and Dave Copenhaver at Studio 7 in Oklahoma City, to produce their debut album "13". The album brought with it a new level of excitement and determination. They spent the rest of 2004 and all of 2005 playing live shows in support of the album and building a strong regional following. The band is branching out further and further, reaching Arkansas, Kansas, and Texas as well as performing all over Oklahoma exposing an even wider audience to 4th Order's blend of Seattle Grunge meets Modern Rock.

Formed in 2002, the band focused on writing original, radio ready, material to fit the modern music scene. Receiving praise from some local "Guru's" from Payne County Line Promotions and Stillwater Scene Magazine, the band took their music on the road. Playing show after show, they polished their live performances and solidified their sound in preparation for their first major recording sessions.