4th Point

4th Point


4th Point is an energetic group that loves to perform and spread its message through passionate, upbeat songs. We engage the audience through crowd interaction and stage presentation. We write our music to target diverse audiences while still portraying our message - for Him, by Him, because of Him.


Formed during mid-2011, 4th Point is a Contemporary Christian rock band from West Chicago, IL. We are known for upbeat music and energetic, passionate performances. We strive to make an impact on people’s lives through Jesus Christ so that we can all worship together as one. We hope that our music will inspire listeners, providing them with continued passion and in some cases, new beginnings. Our goal for our music is to inspire people to aim for something much greater than can be described or even fathomed.

In late 2012 we began working with Pumpkin Studios and Grammy-nominated recording engineer Gary Loizzo, who engineered, recorded, and mastered our debut full-length album, "The Search and the Find", which was released in February, 2013. The 12 original songs on our album represent a journey of discovery. We sing out of the gratefulness in our hearts that we can truly be redeemed through Jesus and find the truth, hope, and unconditional love that He offers, along with the security of redemption. "The Search and the Find" represents the satisfaction of overcoming the constant struggle that we face every day as we strive to find joy and renewed strength and hope.

We have performed at many different types of events including church events, youth retreats, major town festivals, water parks, and most recently the national 2013 Simply Youth Ministry Conference which was held in Indianapolis in March.


The Search and the Find LP - 2013

Set List

4th Point Full Concert Set List (1.5 Hours)
1. From the Inside – 4th Point
2. Yours to Hold – 4th Point
3. Rise and Sing (Cover)
4. Feel You Lord – 4th Point
5. It’s Your Salvation – 4th Point
6. Live Like That (Cover)
7. Glorious Savior – 4th Point
8. God of Heaven and Earth – 4th Point
9. Like a Lion (Cover)
10. Beauty in the Darkest Night – 4th Point
11. Higher (Cover)
12. Meant to Live (Cover)
13. Your Faith – 4th Point
14. He Will Come Back – 4th Point
15. I Still Haven’t Found What I'm Looking For (Cover)
16. Be My Desire – 4th Point
17. The Search and the Find – 4th Point