We write and produce our own music and choreopgrah our own dances. We have made our mark in the indie scene performing from MA to LV, selling thousands of albums and are looking to collaborate with other Artists and Industry Professionals.


Massachusetts can add an item to its list of claims to fame; the aspiring Pop/R&B Group 4u2nV. The flavorful pop sounds that ensconce one’s senses when 4u2nV is playing are rich, melodious and laden with luscious grooves. 4u2nV is opening up new horizons in the world of Pop/R&B.

“Music makes us feel complete. It is the best way to express yourself,” say the members of 4u2nV. It also offers a platform for exploring the challenges of modern life as well as matters of the heart. In these things, 4u2nV excels. “Music helps most people relate to ongoing issues in everyday life as well as around the world.”

Sharing the electricity of its music with fans serves as mighty motivation for 4u2nV. The charge of audience support and the thrill of seeing mass acceptance of one’s personal artistic expression are all the drive needed for 4u2nV. “It’s being on the stage performing, as well as hearing our name screamed out by fans.” 4u2nV masterfully draws the listener into its colorful world of music and opens up the souls inside all of us.

4u2nV has performed at several venues i.e.: Radio Disney, Six Flags New England, the USA World Showcase, Las Vegas where they were the recipient of the Best Performance Award, Hampton Beach’s 100-year celebration; they were invited back to perform at the Hampton Idol Competition where there were thousands of spectators and many more.

4u2nV’s self-titled debut album “4u2nV” has been busy garnering support from fans and critics. The group has been making its mark in the indie scene and is ready to break into the big time. To further promote the debut album, 4u2nV are also members of A&R Select, the hottest indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA. “4u2nV’s melodies and harmonies are sharply drawn and bring the group’s smart songwriting into crystal clear focus.” – A&R Select

“While we have been able to successfully write and produce our own music, to cross into the mainstream playing field, we are looking to collaborate with other Artists and Major Industry Professionals to produce our second album.”



First Album:
We All Just Make Mistakes
Acting Shady
Interlude To Picture Me Rollin' (Ft. Edmistro)
Hold Me Tight
No Need
Ride w/Me (Ft. Gineddie)
Picture's Worth A Thousand Words (Ft. Nokturnal)
Like That (Ft. C.G.)
Maybe (Remix) (Ft. Sheena)

Set List

Our Sets are approximately 45 minutes:

Most of our first album and Nitrous. We include covers which include today Pop/Radio hits. We also have choreographed dances.