4 Wings to Fly

4 Wings to Fly

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A band that resembles the adult contemporary and alternative rock from the nineties. Plays original music, but will occasionally play covers.


4 Wings to Fly is probably one of the most diverse sounding and assembled bands in the St. Louis area today. All of us contribute a great deal to the atmosphere and feel of each song. Vocalist Ryan Tschannen sings catchy and intoxicating lyrics that you'll be singing for days. Listening to Ryan Manganelli's lick and solos on Guitar makes you feel like you're back in the 60's. Keith Phelps's keyboard chops will blow your mind, but his melodies compliment each tune just as Forest Gump would say "like peas and carrots." Nick Holder's energy and understanding of atmosphere's and synths sets the mood for any venue. Enough said, Austin Thomas has drive- just what every band hopes for from a bass player. Last but not least, Micah Walker is one of the most soulful drummers anyone could come across. Listening to him alone makes you want to dance!


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Written By: Ryan Tschannen

In the fall and in the rise,
To wipe the sad look off her face,
Brings a memory to mind
That time can't erase.

That cold and airy year
With my conscience on a bow,
You said that it could never happen,
We're two good friends right now.

Unspoken words we never knew,
Ill communicated, they never got through.

I you want to say it
Better, get it out
Before it comes back and hurts you.

Calling from the top how I'd wish you'd drop for me.
A rush sensation, motivation but
The unsaid is not unseen and it's now gone.

Now every wave that crashes in
Brings back the way she used to swim.
The sea it chokes her,
Now its bleeding out her mouth that all these



Further than your Eyes look into mine,
Thats how far I want to drive.
You know this car gives me the chills,
But Im in heaven when youre holding me tight.

Rollercoaster love aint the kind for me.
Its Just an ugly sight.
And its so true about me and you,
Were not the kind whos pushing that fight.

No one is looking for rain anytime soon
And the sun is making its way down,
Babe lets leave and drive on through
Cause its our chance to get out of this town.

So lets ride in the car until midnight.
We always fall for the ones who have dreams.
And were so in love and Im so alive
On this summer Evening drive.

Cruising along with the ocean in my sight,
Her hair floats along in the breeze.
A tear collects in the corner of my Eye,
But my smile is all that she sees.

Cause I know that this escape feels so good,
But will only last for so long,
So together we hold each others hands
And we imagine the words of sweet songs.

And my soul aches for
The saccharine sound of her voice in my ear,
And it dont matter what we see or where we go,
Cause youre here by my side baby dear.


Chaos in this parallel of two coexisting worlds,
Lets Fly to heaven and leave from hell,
Well fly away from like birds
So dream little girl,
Well be home by the end of the night.
Your dance, free of stutter,
Will rid us of the light.
So keep dreaming or the moon must then go down,
And the Sun will take us back to town.

All these thoughts of jealously
Couldnt take mind
Not when were already this far ahead,
And have left the mundane world behind.

The winding rivers that well drive along,
The hills well find them too.
All the things well come across,
Well find out more than what we can do.

Ive found all the time in the world,
We can take it a mile high.
Honey, keep your eyes Open wide,
For our time will be made in the sky.

And Im no James Dean,
But Ive been living this scene
For the life we could make by the mile.

And your sass and preen,
Aint nothing like Ive seen in A While?


And this shadow has lifted from my eyes,
And now I can see all the reasons why,
We took this summer evening drive.

Take a whiff of your hair,
Like a drug you were there,
That one night you were gold like a beam.

And the smoke from her lips
Travels round like her hips
And she makes love flow like a dream.

Slipped in like a soaked cigarette, all cold
Ruined every minute after even when you were told.

Youre always too bold.
And when you run from me
I will clench you tighter.
You run from me
I will take this thing higher.
You run from me,
And I clench you.
The chase goes on

With your head off the ledge,
Getting all but the edge,
The feelings lifting through my body and I hear you scream.

Emotion, My devotions lost,
And all thats cost
Is running from me.

Got you into this position
Got you into this hold.
First impressions are the most important thing Ive been told...


So run on.

With your Eyes in the Air,
You are all but not there.
Ironically youre not first Ive ever met who runs free.

Its just all of your friends,
Start the drama on ends,
And they make the world harder it seems.

Walked in with too much
Id expect to be told.
Friendships cant Exist cause were just all too cold.


People crazy when I look around
And Im downtown
And I see the sky and its sad,
Its bad like the other day and the same day everyday before.

And it starts to rain,
It pours down hard,
Please why did god have to play that card?
But its half past ten put a quarter away and the good will come.

Its on a long day, lived,
Its a long day to be something that dont last forever,
Its a long day, to be this lonely.
Its just too long of a day to tell.

Set on a dream to marry a queen,
At the age of sweet sixteen,
Her violet dress tops busty chest
And bright lights capture her finesse.

Glamour, Fashion magazines.
Interviews with wannabe teens
But what do I know, my minds blocking the way,
And the rest w


Our single "Run From Me" has been played on MTV's The Real World.

We Have 4 Demo CDs which have been produced each year since 2005. Each has our hit songs plus new ones each coming year.

Set List

Our set list is generally 10 to 15 songs long. At most, we play 2 covers per show.


Meet Me At The Sun
Back to Love
Long Day
Run From Me
Never Let You Leave
Choked (Instrumental)
Summer Evening Drive
Soul to Believe
More Here Than Money
Crystal Body


Semi-Charmed Life (Third Eye Blind)
Snow (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
The Way I Are (Timbaland)