Musically diverse Christian band covering styles from funk, rock, country, latin and jazz. The message of Christ, in a musically unique setting. A group of virtuoso players that keep things fast paced, diverse and interesting.


Nothing stays the same except the reason for the music. Influences include Jeff Beck, Victor Wooten, TobyMac, Robert Randolf, Prince, George Clinton, Miles Davis, Lenny Kravitz, Yes, Aquarium Rescue Unit, AudioSlave, Seal, etc.
Our story? 4Zero could also be called friends of Eric as all of the members came into the group through Eric's associations. Different musical backgrounds and writing styles led to a wildly diverse range of music. Fighting the enemy and engaged with the spirit.

The members of 4Zero have come from various backgrounds, musically, culturally and geographically.
Eric and Eddie first met in a big band jazz orchestra where Eddie was the singer and Eric the pianist. That and other efforts soon cemented a strong friendship.
Eddie had previously sung lead for Los Nombres in Texas, and then the Outsiders and Dreamstreet in Ohio.
Eric had a stint in his early twenties in Nashville where he toured for a while on the country scene. During this period he backed up such artists as Hank Williams Jr., Jana Jae and Leroy Van Dyke before moving back to Ohio.
In the late 90's. Craig moved to Cleveland from Baltimore where he met Eric when joining The Reid Project playing the local blues circuit. Craig soon became a well respected jazz leader in Cleveland.
Eric's life began to change after he married his wife and she re-introduced him to Christ. Through his church, Eric became involved in a Christian Rock band sponsored by his Church. That experience led to a non-Church affiliated Christian group where Eric met Kevin, who's background covered everything from rock to country punk.
Eddie soon became involved with this group as their sound engineer. When Eric and Kevin left that group Eddie decided to dedicate his musical talent to the praising of God thus forming the initial project that became 4Zero.
In the following months, as the band was searching for a bassist, Craig came to visit Eric. He soon expressed interest in becoming part of the project to praise Jesus for his blessings. Confusion ensued as Eric had always understood Craig to be Jewish. Craig quickly explained his status as a Messianic Jew completing the formation of the diversity that is 4Zero.



Written By: Eric Mack

Wake up with a song in my head.
Greet each day so happily.
When I get up out of my bed.
I thank the Lord for grace I see.
Now I know that as I live, that he's got so much more to give.
I feel the joy come over me.

I know that what I have is what God's given me.
Everyone I meet's part of his family.
You can say that I've been blessed and all that's true.
But I am here to tell you his joy waits for you.

Everyday that I'm alive.
I reach out to touch his majesty.
Got to do more than just survive.
Show people what Christ means to me.
Let him take your breath away, all you have to do is pray, then he can make your spirit breathe.


You might say that your life's sinkin, and you have lived much better days.
But can't you see that type of thinkin, could be what's put you in your haze.
If you have eyes to see his beauty, if you have ears to hear his love, then get down on your knees next to me and thank the Lord for skys above.

When I hit my bed at night.
I let my worries run away.
Release all of my day's fight.
Hold close all my family.


Isaiah 41:10

Written By: Eric Mack

When all is dark around you
and the walls start closing in
The pressure overwhelmes you
as you wallow in your sin
Your heart is broke
Your spirit choked
When you find the worst
Remember his verse

Do not fear for I am with you
Do not be afraid 'cause I am your God
I will strengthen you and help you I will uphold you
with my right hand of rightousness

There's many tear that this life brings
There will be a time you loose your way
With your mind's eye you'll hear some things
The war for your soul is fought each day
When you see with your eyes an action you dispise
When you find the worst, remember his verse

Lord, I do not understand
I'm not quite a whole man
I'm frightened of the things I've promised
Though I often had these dreams
I'm not sure what it means
I turn from you and loose my way

You rise to meet another day
The hours never seem to end
Broken now, you start to pray
the whole inside you is on the mend
Will you head his call, will you quit and fall, when you find the worst, remember his verse


Currently working on thier first Album. To be titled "The Number of Judgement"

Set List

Original songs:
Joy, Isaiah 41:10, Half-Life, Believe in Jesus, Trinity, In Praise 2 U, Sing Glory, 2 the Cross, Blessed R We, Worry, C U Thru, Make a Change
Higher Law, As (Always), Jesus is Alive