500 miles to memphis

500 miles to memphis

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

A wonderful fusion of Rock n Roll, Punk and Country with intelligent and catchy songs to match. "500 Miles to Memphis is one of the most promising young bands in North America right now." - Mike Breen, City Beat


You never know when you might hear the music of 500 Miles to Memphis. Maybe in a honky tonk in Tennessee. Maybe at a Rock show in North Carolina. Maybe at a Punk festival in their hometown of Cincinnati. Maybe in an acoustic format at the corner bar or coffeeshop. Or maybe on MTV’s Nitro Circus, soundtracking some extreme sport stunts. The band is comfortable in almost any setting, largely because their music — a mix of scrappy Country and scorching Rock & Roll — has a magnetic, wide appeal. The Hot Topic kids get juiced on the band’s adrenalized live shows, while fans of Classic Country can appreciate 500 Miles’ true, heartfelt take on vintage C&W. With Sunshine in a Shotglass, the group’s debut full-length, 500 Miles to Memphis introduced itself as a world-class Rock band with songs that are alternately shit-kicking and heartbreaking. From the fiddle-driven, broken-glass-inducing “All My Friends are Crazy” to the closing trilogy of “Let It Rain”/”Sunshine in a Shotglass”/”The Regret,” singer/songwriter Ryan Malott and his tight, rousing band concocted a true, complete album, full of plenty of soul and depth, but also lots of instantly memorable Pop hooks. Don’t believe me? Then just listen to Sunshine once or, better yet, get out to a show. 500 Miles to Memphis is one of the most promising young bands in North America right now. - Mike Breen, City Beat
Lead vocalist Ryan Malott is the impetus behind 500 MILES TO MEMPHIS’ heartache, and this soon to be acclaimed debut is undoubtedly his catharsis. While Malott’s lyrics draw from afflictive personal experience and a weary western sprawl that only true country music can evoke, these rousing tunes are cranked out with punk grit and determination and a brash rock ‘n’ roll attitude. Somehow it makes life seem a little more bearable and a hell of a lot more fun, at least for the duration of these twelve exhilarating songs. Slather on an infectious melody, some bright, brash guitars and a touch of bluegrass fiddle and suddenly tracks about cocaine-addicted friends and coma victims praying for sweet death ring out like the perfect, invigorating remedy for the honky tonk blues.

500 MILES TO MEMPHIS sound like a band you could drink a round or two with before the show…and definitely a few more afterwards. More than likely, you’ll get your chance as these boys are on a mission to play every country dive bar and punk rock club across the US. Perhaps that’s why 500 MILES TO MEMPHIS’ songs come across so warm and heart-wrenchingly familiar, even when they’re played fast, loud and with reckless abandon. It’s the type of honest music that can prompt a sentimental, liquor-tinged therapy session between old friends or incite a raucous, fist-pumping sing-along amongst perfect strangers at your neighborhood pub. And that’s a shot of firewater we’re happy to take any day of the week.

"Incredibly dark, sinister and unbelievably brilliant..." - Dayton City Paper
"An exercise in American Eclectic: gritty, dirty and damn good." - Independent Weekly
"Harnessing the bucking bronco of country punk and holding on for dear life." - Knoxville Metro Pulse
"Bridging the spirit of sweaty punk and old-school country, 500 Miles To Memphis is irresistible." - CiN Weekly


"500 Miles to Memphis"
3rd Silo Records March 2005
"Sunshine In a Shot Glass"
Deep Elm Records June 2007
"Ryan Malott and Kelly Thomas"
Deep Elm Records October 2009
"We've Built Up to NOTHING"
Valentines Day 2010

Set List

Our max set is four hours with three 15min set breaks.

Typical set is all original with one or two covers and lasts two hours.