500 miles to memphis

500 miles to memphis

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

500MTM is a Punk Rock Americana band based out of KY and OH. They have been actively touring since 2003 and have seen success in the form of movies, television, video games, and most recently radio. They are currently charting on the NACC 200.


Formed in 2003, the boys of 500 Miles to Memphis came together on the banks of the Ohio River between Cincinnati, OH and Newport, KY.  Their genre-bending take on Americana and punk rock has been received worldwide in the form of movies, tv, video games, and their award-winning live shows.  Logging 250 performances a year, these indie road kings have been to hell and back. After taking a short break from touring in 2017, 500mtm has jumped back in the studio to deliver their 5th studio album with Old 97’s producer John Pedigo at the legendary Gwynne Sound in Cincinnati.  If you are a fan of high octane punk rock, bluegrass, and Appalachia, these boys are for you. The latest album “Blessed Be the Damned” is set for release on Jan. 25th, 2019.

  1. "They don’t sound like anyone else. At all. Or at any point… 500 Miles To Memphis have constructed something wonderful here… “Blessed Be The Damned”? Hell, yes. The Devil always has more fun, you see, and damn me, this is good." - Andy Thorley, Maximum Volume Music

  2. "Blessed has so many catchy songs, it’s easy to find yourself tapping your feet along with the groove instead of taking notes or writing a review, and nearly impossible to find a favorite. In short, if you like rock, you’ll like this album. The mean mountain riff of the title track, the 90s punk of “No Doubt About It,” the bluegrass-cum-cowpunk of “In My Chest” – the album is just good from front to back and might be 500 MTM’s best yet." - Brandon Wheeler, CincyMusic.com

  3. "Guitars crunch madly, spurred to high gallop by the same splendidly indomitable beat that's always propelled rock'n'roll. And robust vocals make fine topping for sometimes Celtic-informed "Americana Punk"-DC Larson's Jukebox

  4. "this bunch blows their sound wide open as this sounds nothing like the last 4 entries. Aggression is always in fashion and the malcontent vets brought in as ringers here know how to turn it up to 11." -MidwestRecord

  5. “500 miles to Memphis is a great American rock band that has been making infectious roots and punk music for years while managing to stay under the radar of the mainstream. This new record is everything that is good about rock ‘n’ roll.” - Ryan Smith(Soul Asylum, The Melismatics)

  6. “Still, one of the band’s most impressive feats is a more seamless blending of Country/Americana and Rock/Punk, a mix that is especially vibrant and powerful on Blessed.” - Mike Breen, CityBeat

  7. "If you like country-punk, these guys are the reigning kings." - Stephen Carradini, Independent Clauses


"500 Miles to Memphis" - 3rd Silo Records March 2005

"Sunshine in a Shot Glass" - Deep Elm Records June 2007

"We've Built Up to Nothing" - Deep Elm Records Feb 2010

"Stand There and Bleed" - Oct 31, 2014

"Revival(Live)" - Nov. 2018

"Basement Bluegrass Sessions"(EP) - Nov. 2018

"Blessed Be the Damned" - Jan. 25th, 2019

Set List

Our max set is four hours with three 15min set breaks.

Typical set is all original with one or two covers and lasts two hours.