500 Miles to Memphis

500 Miles to Memphis


500 Miles To Memphis' sound is based on the beaten-down lyrics and country sound of such classic American artists as Johnny Cash & Hank Williams, meshed with the energy and sonic fury of rock & punk such as the Drive By Truckers, Green Day, and Frank Black and the Catholics.


It is rare that a band can manage to create the perfect blend of rock and roll and rootsy twang, but to the elation of music fans everywhere, this is what the rock band 500 Miles To Memphis has accomplished. 500 Miles To Memphis (or 500MTM to their fans) have their roots established in the bitter-cold Ohio winter of 2003, when Ryan Malott (Lead vocals, guitar) established a musical bond with drummer Lee Steele. Their mutual love for real country (none of that Canadian top 40 crap) and long-time appreciaton for punk and indie rock created the foundation for one of Cincinnati's most interesting sounds. After bassist Wade Owens joined 500MTM, the line-up was ready to play shows, and they hit the scene hard, establishing quickly a loyal fan-base and becoming the local favorites of many important Cincinnati music figures. 500 Miles To Memphis had many sit-in musicians as unofficial        fourth members to the band, but they finally found a comfortable fit to solidify the band's sound as a four piece when multi-instrumentalist and long-time friend of the band Jason Gallagher entered in late 2004.


Full length debut album set for release March 25th

Set List

A typical set list for us is about twelve songs which usually ends up being a 45 min set.