50¢ HeadrusH

50¢ HeadrusH


Driving modern Rock with a definite Motor City edge. Great melodies, brilliant lyrics, and amazingly tight.


It’s all about the music.

We believe it. We live it.

This is 50¢ HEADRUSH. A band the likes of which Detroit has never spawned, 50¢ HEADRUSH will help you re-discover the side of rock and roll that has been lost among the angry teen angst and whiney-boy Pop-Rock; we’re talking cutting edge music to move the masses.

Shell-shocked by tight grooves hammered between bass and drum, overwhelmed by a sonic blend of melodies and harmonies by guitar and vocals. Their songs, reminiscent of CHEAP TRICK meets U2, are hard to forget.

All things in place, 50¢ HEADRUSH has the experience and drive to produce the powerful modern rock music the world has been craving.

Along with engineer-producer extraordinaire Chuck Alkazian, 50¢ HEADRUSH completed a local independent CD release in August of 2002. Offered only at performances, the disk sold nearly 3000 copies.

Having had made a name for themselves among local Detroit bands, the path of 50¢ HEADRUSH crossed with Vin-E Dombrowski (of SPONGE fame). With platinum and gold already in his pocket as a producer, Vin-E took the reigns and made the band dig deep and explore the great songs he knew were in their hearts. With Chuck Alkazian again manning the board, recording began in August 2005. The single "Hurt for Now" even attracted the attention of Rolling Stone Magazine, raving that 50¢ HEADRUSH is "Proof Motown is still holding it down!" (March 9, 2006)

50¢ HEADRUSH—combining all the elements of what a great rock band should be.


50¢ HeadrusH/Self Titled (Indie release) - August 2002
Selfish, Foolish, Freedom (Evil Beaver) May 2006--Available at CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, Borders, and all music outlets with exceptional taste.

Set List

1+ hour of original music:
-Hurt For Now
-Way To Go
-Wide Awake