51 Breaks

51 Breaks


51 Breaks are an Indie/Rock/Electronic band with influences from the like of Bruce Springsteen, The Killers and Sunshine Underground and a live show that will simply knock your socks off.


51 Breaks released their debut single Blueprints in 2008 and are going to take their achievements of the last couple of years and take their music even further afield in 2009.

Having supported the likes of Little Man Tate, The Twang, The Maccabees and Cooper Temple Clause at some of the UK's most prestigious venues,
51 Breaks are only going to take there music al the way to the top.


Random Lyrics

Written By: 51 Breaks

" I used to own this town"

"Tell me the truth or believe your own lies, I dont know much but everything dies"

"Can you hear the voices in my head?"


Debut Single - Blueprints

Debut EP - Blueprints - Blueprints, Embers, Dirty Hands

Set List

A 51 Breaks set list usually consists of anything between 6-9 songs with a length of between 25 and 40 minutes.

25-45 minutes that will knock your socks off