BandHip Hop

Party moving hiphop with a dynamic stage performance. Does what most hiphop groups don't -- try to entertain with stage performance as well as music.


There are millions of rappers who do nothing to stand above the crowd. What the landscape is missing are Artists. Entertainers. Performers. With that said, it is the entertaining, high-energy, passionate stage show that has set 5280 apart from their peers to make them the premier Hiphop group of Colorado. Their hustle is exemplified with a lyric:

“While you layin’ down restin’ and collecting that sleep/
I done made new rhymes, and ‘bout twenty-six beats!”
- Pinmo X from 5280 “On Lock” from Nuclear Winter

5280 is comprised of three artists: Pinmo X, Fyght Juice & Marz. These emcees are part of the breed that make their own music, write their own lyrics and blaze their own trail. This is evident on their two discs released on Colfax Records in 2007, Pinmo X’s Evidence, and the highly-successful Nuclear Winter mixtape series.
In 2007, without the help of friend-bots or other schemes, 5280 logged over 80,000 plays and gathered over 16,000 fans on the networking site Myspace.com (http://www.myspace.com/5280hiphop),
5280 has opened for many national touring acts, such as Rza (Wu-Tang Clan), DJ Green Lantern, Devin the Dude, 2 Live Crew, Afroman, and has performed on-stage in their own home state’s biggest venues such as the Bluebird Theater, Gothic Theater, Fox Theater, Oriental Theater & more.
Their stage show is often voted the best of the night, and they were voted into the Regional Finals of the 2007 National Bodog Music Battle of The Bands by both a panel of judges and Fan Voting.
Colfax Records and 5280’s next venture is to expand regionally and nationally and perform throughout the United States.


Pinmo X - Evidence (2007), 5280 - Nuclear Winter Vol 1 (2007), 5280 - Nuclear Winter Vol 2 (2008). 5280 - 3 Kings LP Fall 2008

Set List

Our sets range from 30-60mins.
- 5280
- Wild Wild West
- On Lock
- Run Shit
- Boss
- Superhero
- Reintroduce
- Photograph
- Checkmate
- Takeover
- Summertime Ridin'
- Get Off My Back
- Debt
- We Back
- Tell Me Nothing