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****For Immediate Release****

Young Rock Band 535 To Perform Benefit Concert

Money Raised Will Go To Girl Needing Kidney Transplant

(March 12, 2006 – Orlando, FL) On Sunday March 25th, rock band 535 will perform a benefit concert at the Holy Family Auditorium in Orlando, Florida. The show will be raising money to help offset medical costs for Krystina Seguismundo, a 6-year old Orlando girl in need of a kidney transplant. Krystina attends the Holy Family School, and the band is thrilled to be able to do something to help she and her family during this difficult time.

Date: Sunday, March 25, 2007
Doors: 6pm
Concert: 7pm
Address: Holy Family Auditorium, 5125 S. Apopka-Vineland Road, Orlando, FL 32819
Cost: Show is free – donations will be accepted

“We really hope a lot of people come to the show and donate money,” says the band’s Parker Landis. “This is really important for Krystina, and we want everyone to come out and have a great time. It’s gonna rock!!

Krystina Seguismundo first had a liver transplant at 14 months of age. After a period of time, the anti-rejection drugs she was taking began taking a toll on her kidneys. At 4 years old she developed PTLD, a disease of the lymph nodes, and she had to receive 5 months of chemotherapy. Throughout all of this her kidneys continued to deteriorate, and she now receives dialysis 3 times a week at Shands in Gainesville. She also had a collapsed lung and currently has fluid on the lungs for which she is receiving vest therapy. Until the lung situation is cleared up, Krystina is unable to be on the kidney transplant list. The family hopes that will be happening soon.

535 has been making a name for themselves performing around Florida. The band is comprised of Parker Landis (age 11), Jullian Piccione (age 10) and Griffin Landis (age 9). The three boys are a true band, playing their own instruments without backing tracks. Parker plays guitar, Jullian plays drums, and Griffin plays bass. They are currently recording their debut album which is scheduled for release in August.

For additional information, please contact:

Glenda Robinson
Amplified M.P.R.
Phone: 407-963-1661
Email: AmplifiedMPR@aol.com


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****For Immediate Release****

Rock Band 535 To Play “Relay For Life” Opening Ceremonies

Event Raises Money For The American Cancer Society

(April 7, 2007 – Orlando, FL) On Friday, April 13, 2007, at 6:00pm, Orlando rock band 535 will perform at the opening ceremonies of “Relay for Life”, a fundraiser for The American Cancer Society. The event itself will take place at Dr. Phillips High School Stadium on Turkey Lake Road in Orlando beginning at 5pm on April 13th, and concluding at 11am on April 14th.

“It’s great to be able to play at an event like this that really helps a lot of people,” says 535 drummer, Jullian Piccione. “We’re happy we get to be a part of it. Everyone should come out and donate money and enjoy the show!”

“Relay For Life” is a fun-filled overnight event designed to bring together those who have been touched by cancer in our community. At the event, they celebrate survivorship and raise money to help the American Cancer Society in its mission to save lives, help those who have been touched by cancer, and empower individuals to fight back. During the event, teams of people gather and take turns walking laps. Each team tries to keep at least one team member on the track at all times.

535 is comprised of Parker Landis (age 11), Jullian Piccione (age 10) and Griffin Landis (age 9). The three boys are a true band, playing their own instruments without backing tracks. Parker plays guitar, Jullian plays drums, and Griffin plays bass. They are currently recording their debut album which is scheduled for release in August.

For additional information, please contact:

Glenda Robinson
Amplified M.P.R.
Phone: 407-963-1661
Email: AmplifiedMPR@aol.com


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by Diana Curtis

Whether an aspiring music group’s genre is rock, pop, heavy metal or country, it is fairly certain that the members dream of having adoring fans screaming their names and waiting after their performances to get priceless autographs or photos. And while it can be said that most performers undoubtedly desire to reach this elevated status, very few actually experience this type of success.

However, that cannot be said about the Southwest Orlando power rock trio 535. Not only do the members get to entertain screaming fans, sign autographs, create new music and perform at concerts, they also have to focus on another major priority — getting all their homework done.

Jullian Piccione, and Parker and Griffin Landis, ages 10, 11 and 10, respectively, comprise 535, so named because of the county road that runs through Southwest Orlando and near their homes. All three boys attended Bay Meadows Elementary School this past school year, with Jullian and Parker graduating on to middle school this coming academic year.

Phurst Degree Records recently released the boys’ first demo album, That’s How We Roll, which features one cover song, Mony Mony, the boys’ first musical venture together; as well as four original songs co-written by the band members and their fathers, John Piccione and Matt Landis.

Both men come from musical backgrounds. John has experience on the drums, so Jullian grew up with a drum set in the house and learned to play at an early age. Matt is a guitarist, and Parker has an affinity for the same instrument. His younger brother, Griffin, also took lessons from their father, and perfected his talent on the bass guitar.

The three boys complement each other impeccably. All of them are talented singers, although Parker is usually the lead vocalist, and all play their instruments unaided and without the assistance of backup tracks.

The boys all share a passion for music and performing, and, before recording together, would often “play rock star” in a rehearsal space at the Piccione’s Bay Hill home.

“As they kept at it, they began to take it more and more serious, and I began taking notice that they really were sounding good, and better and better,” John said. “So that’s when it became quite obvious to me that we might have something here.”

(L. to r.) Drummer Jullian Piccione, lead guitarist Parker Landis, and bass guitarist Griffin Landis comprise the family-friendly power rock group 535.

After customizing Mony Mony to fit their style and adding a drum solo break, the boys found themselves with an infectious, upbeat, exciting song. Their debut LP is further complemented by rock songs with fun lyrics and great rhythms, and a power ballad with perfect harmonies and a sweet pop feel.

The group’s debut performance was at BMES in front of almost 400 fans and their families. The crowd seemed to love 535’s feel, and the group has been on a roll ever since.

Not long after its successful first public appearance, 535 invited its new fans to the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA Family Center to be part of the group’s first videotaped concert.
It was as well-attended as a video shoot for any rock group, adult or otherwise. Jullian, Parker and Griffin looked the part of stars, and the crowd loved it. The YMCA was packed during the taping, and afterward, fans anxiously waited to get their posters autographed and have their photos taken with the young performers.

The band followed up the impressive performance with a benefit concert in Holy Family Catholic Church’s auditorium for Krystina Seguismundo, a 6-year-old Southwest resident in need of a kidney transplant. The event was free, however donations were taken at the door. The money was given to Krystina’s family to help offset her medical costs.

In all, more than $1,500 was raised at the event. And although she was too shy to join 535 onstage, Krystina did meet the band members after the show and posed for some pictures.

“We’re really glad we were able to do this show and help Krystina and her family,” Parker said. “She seemed to be having a great time, and we signed a poster for her afterward.”

There was another audience member that met with the boys after their concert was over — renowned vocal coach Doc Holliday from the hit show Making the Band. Doc had flown in from Los Angeles to visit with 535 and offer them his help and advice on how to further their careers.

“It was so great having Doc here,” Jullian said. “We wanted him to be able to hear us play live and see what we are about. This concert was the perfect place for that to happen, and it made the night even more special.”

The boys went on to amaze audiences at the Celebrity Mascot Games and Celebration Town Center’s A Flashback Fourth of July Spectacular, where 535 was featured during Radio Disney’s three-hour Kids Zone event.

In addition, the group has watched its popularity steadily grow as it continues to enjoy airtime on Radio Disney and was e - Southwest Orlando Bulletin

For a band whose members are all under age eleven, 535 is taking musical success and rockstar popularity quite professionally in stride. By Oanhie Pham

In the genre of pop rock, 535 is a unique band—whose members actually play their own instruments. Jullian Piccione and Parker Landis completed their group last year when Griffin, Parker’s younger brother, joined.

All this sounds pretty normal until you realize that Parker is the oldest member of 535—at only 11 years old. Parker is the lead guitarist and vocalist. Griffin, 10, plays bass guitar, which he learned when he joined, and beating away on the drums is 10-year-old Jullian, who first started playing on his dad’s drum kit.

These young performers first entered Bay Meadows Elementary School’s annual talent show, but when the talent show was cancelled, the boys were invited to perform at the school’s annual spaghetti dinner. Word spread that they were performing, and their first audience grew to 400 people.

Friends and families were amazed after hearing them perform the hit, “Mony Mony.” This launched their career as 535, named, of course, after Apopka-Vineland Road (Rock535.com).

Fathers John Piccione and Matt Landis, the men behind the 535 project, asked the band what they wanted to sing about. Even though they are only 5th and 6th graders, the boys have a say in everything, and they wanted lyrics kids their age can relate to, with no sexual connotations.

“We like girls, but we don’t understand them!” one of the boys says. This thought led to their first single and music video, “Hey Girl.”

When asked how they feel about their career, the boys agree that they’re having fun. John says, “They are more popular than they realize” when they talk modestly about gaining fans. They have already performed for Daytime NBC and at events, including the Celebrity Mascot Games at the Amway Arena and Celebration’s Rockin’ in the Yesteryears.

Instead of boasting about their music and popularity, Griffin explains that 535 is different from other rock bands. “We don’t have to worry about the social life and pay bills,” he says.

The boys have rehearsal nights in their garage, where Dads John and Matt set up the sound equipment. There, they effortlessly run through their songs, sounding perfectly in sync with one another. Even when the sound equipment is suddenly unplugged, they remain unfazed, performing like the professionals they are rapidly becoming.

Right now, the boys of 535 are excited about their new CD, which contains 10 songs and a host of new material. Before the official CD release, promo copies were given away during shows. Kids were asking for them long before the CD was available in stores.

They are also currently playing around town in a back-to-school tour. While one day they want to tour the nation as well as Europe, in the meantime, their plan is to visit a couple hundred elementary and middle schools around Florida that participate in the QSP/Reader’s Digest Magazine Fundraiser.

Audiences are amazed to find that these three young rockers play their own instruments and sing live. So prepare to be blown away when you watch them perform. They have an incredible bond onstage (and off), and their highly energetic beat pumps up any crowd.
- Central Florida Lifestyle

'These kids rock'


Parker Landis is part of the Tween revolution.

The kid just turned 12 and is rock star in bloom. In an entertainment universe of Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers, Cheetah Girls and "High School Musical," Landis feels right at home everytime he looks out at the audience.

Why are tweens, mostly those 8 to 12, dominating record charts, TV ratings and concert stages? Parker has the answer.

"We're all kids and we relate to each other," said the lead guitarist with the band 535 that plays the Marion Theatre on Saturday at 4 p.m. In addition to Parker, the band includes his brother, Griffin, 10, who plays bass, and Jullian (cq) Piccione, 10, on drums.

They are based in Orlando but Piccione's father, John, grew up in Ocala where he played in bands with his brother, Tony, who still lives here. Among the bands they performed with was Gold Coast, featuring John Piccione on drums and Tony on guitar.

"It's like the Partridge family in our house, everybody plays music," John said.

Now he helps manage his son and the rest of 535.

"People look at the band and think, 'Oh, cute boys, how nice,'" he said. "But then they hear them play and find out that these kids rock. They have a powerful, thick thumping sound - very tight and structured."

Jullian may be just a kid, but he lists his musical influences as AC/DC, Motley Crue and Guns N' Roses. "They rock and they really care about music," he said. He feels the same way about 535.

"We're very energetic and upbeat," Jullian said. "We want the audience to feel our music and be happy. It's great looking out at the crowd and seeing them happy."

The band, named after a road near their Orlando area home, has been playing together for less than a year. It all started one day when Parker Landis started taking guitar lessons and Jullian was interested in drums. Somebody handed Griffin a bass, and before you know it, the guys were playing "Mony Mony" at parties.

Eventually they released a five-song EP, that included original music and captured the tween beat. Now, John Piccione says, 535 is on the verge of signing a deal with a major record label.

They fit the tween style, with their long, shaggy hairdos, bright colored clothes and kid harmony. Already, the group has appeared on a national cable network and played numerous live gigs throughout Florida.

It can be heady stuff for a fourth and fifth graders, who spend their free time skateboarding and playing paintball.

"We're still the same; at school people treat us as normal kids but on stage or after a show, fans get excited to see us and that's great," Parker said. "We're just having fun."

And what about girls?
"We get a lot of girl fans," Jullian said. "We like girls. We just don't understand them." - Ocala Star Banner


"That's How We Roll" - 2007



John Piccione of Rocker Records had some success in the 90’s and into 2005 with various bands and artists, developing and managing their careers. After working very hard at it for years, he decided to take a break, in order to spend more time at home with his family. About that time, his youngest son Jullian began to take an interest in wanting to play drums. John pulled out his drum kit, set it up for Jullian in the garage, and taught him how to practice keeping a beat. At the same time Jullian’s best friend Parker was taking guitar lessons from his dad Matt Landis, and the two of them started getting together regularly to learn songs. The first real song they learned was the classic party anthem “Mony Mony”. Then, through the help of their dads, and with the addition of Parker’s younger brother Griffin on bass, they quickly wrote and recorded four original songs plus “Mony Mony” for a five song EP. Not only did the recording come out great, but the boys also learned how to play the songs completely live, which seems to be a rarity among today’s popular artists. That’s when they realized that they had something special and were ready to play for their first audience.

They had to have a cool name for the band, and the boys settled on 535 (Five Thirty Five) after the name of a county road on the outskirts of their neighborhood. They scheduled their debut gig at Bay Meadows Elementary where they attend school, and ended up performing to a crowd of nearly 400 people, including their classmates and families. The songs “That’s How We Roll”, “Up All Night”, and “Hey Girl” were instant hits with the crowd. Suddenly 535 was a real band with a schedule full of shows and a really big following. The demand for copies of the EP and signed posters of the band was so great that kids were mobbing them after every show to get one. Their website has become became extremely popular and the message blog is always busy. The EP is a favorite with all of the new fans, and their parents are being driven crazy from repetition!

The boys are planning a few more shows through the end of the school year, and they are working hard on writing and recording songs for their new album scheduled to be released in August. They have come a very long way in a short amount of time, and are looking forward to the new album and a back-to-school tour in the fall.

Make sure to keep logging on to the website for information on the upcoming album and where you can see the band play live. The boys can’t wait to debut their new songs, and rock the party at their next show!

Parker Landis
Birthdate: September 30, 1995

Parker Landis sings and plays lead guitar in 535. He is the oldest in a family of three boys which includes
his younger brother Griffin, and their little brother Andre. Parker is pretty much a straight “A” student at Bay Meadows Elementary where he is in the 5th grade. He learned how to play guitar from his dad Matt, and likes listening to all kinds of music. His favorite bands are Fallout Boy, The Killers, and ACDC. Parker also likes to play roller hockey and do trampoline tricks. His favorite food is steak, and his favorite color is blue. He wants to let the fans of 535 know that he enjoys performing, but school comes first, and he works very hard to do the best he can at both.

Griffin Landis
Birthdate: May 7, 1997

Griffin Landis plays bass guitar and sings back up vocals. He saw his brother Parker getting good on the guitar and had to find a way to play with him in a band. Their dad started teaching Griffin how to play bass last year and he caught on very quickly. You can tell he enjoys performing with 535 and is a natural with his great on stage energy. He likes listening to Kiss, ACDC, and Linkin Park, and hopes that someday 535 can get to tour with bands like that. He is a big fan of teriyaki chicken, and his favorite color is orange. Griffin enjoys playing golf, watching movies, and helping out with his little brother Andre. He is in the 4rth grade at Bay Meadows Elementary in Orlando.

Jullian Piccione
Birthdate: December 31, 1996

Jullian Piccione plays drums and sings at the same time, which is a pretty tricky thing to do. His father John is a drummer so Jullian grew up around music and there was always a drum set in the house. He taught himself to play mostly by listening to bands with great drummers like Rush, ACDC, and Motley Crue. He has an older brother named Dallas who helps manage the band, and an older sister named Fallon who is in high school. Jullian is in the 5th grade with Parker at Bay Meadows Elementary, and likes skateboarding and paintball. His favorite color is red, and he could eat fettuccini alfredo everyday.