5375 is the band that won the Concert Hall (Masonic Temple) battle of the bands, created and headlined the first and second all-ages nights at the Kee to Bala, and brought hard alternative rock to Etobicoke.



A band name once synonymous with stunning rock shows returns to the Toronto music scene.

You may remember them as the group that dominated the Toronto music scene in the ‘90s. The Opera House, Lee’s Palace, the Concert Hall or the El Mocambo didn’t go many weekends without 53-75 on one of their bills. It was a great time for independent rock music, and 53-75 was the ultimate combination of hard-edged riffs and melodic hooks.

If you weren’t familiar with 53-75 back in the day, they built their following playing a couple of hundred shows around Toronto and Muskoka, won the Coca-Cola Battle of the Bands, opened for Kim Mitchell (twice), April Wine, Rusty, King Missile and Trooper, as well as organized and headlined the Kee to Bala’s first and second ever all-ages nights.

Growing up in a community full of talent, 53-75 were inspired by the awesome scene in Etobicoke (and around the world) in the ‘90s, rehearsing a few doors down from Our Lady Peace, going to school with Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene) and playing rivals to the interesting-but-only-sort-of Blue Dog Pict. Between astounding guitar riffs, killer basslines and rock-solid drums, 53-75 defined a generation of alternative hard rock music.

Playing hundreds of shows and recording multiple albums with award-winning producer Nick Blagona (Tea Party, Deep Purple), 53-75 became not only the in-demand rock act, but have also been regarded as one of the most professional bands in the business.

Taking time for side projects such as Finger, Park Island and Yonder, the band rounded out their repertoire, tempering the hard edge with a thoughtful, mature musical attitude.

Now, their skills honed through years of experience, Andrew Grady, Ted Grady and Russ Fairley are back – and they’re making a big noise on the music scene once again.

Buckle up, buttercup.