53 Willys

53 Willys


53 Willys plays an eclectic mix of American rock with blues and folk influences. While other bands strive to define themselves in one category of music, 53 Willys lets the music speak for itself. When you come to a 53 Willys show, listen for the diversity of music being played. If variety is what you’re looking for, give us a listen! You are bound to find something you like!


After things slowed down with former band Chromatic Marmalade, Phil, Dan, and Shawn decided to keep playing on a regular basis. In need of a local drummer, Shawn invited long-time friend Todd Wire out to Studio 13 to jam. Right away, it was apparent that our styles complimented one another. With a mutual desire to create our own music, we started to write original songs without focusing on any one style. After writing 9 songs, the unnamed band wanted to play out to see how people would respond to our music. Todd asked Eastside Elvis for an opening spot at one of his shows. Without listening to our music, he agreed to take a chance and gave us a gig opening for his band at the New Way bar in Ferndale.
Needing an identity before the New Way show, 53 Willys was chosen. The name honors a 1953 Willys jeep that Todd drove in high school.
With the positive feedback from the New Way gig we decided to keep writing and playing out. Within the next several months, we played shows at Cadieux Café and The Berkley Front.
On May 12, 2012 the band recorded a live 7 song EP and shot a video at GrooveBox Studios Detroit. This EP was made possible using KickStarter and the live EP was only released to the backers of the project.
Building on this experience at GBS Detroit, 53 Willys is currently working on a studio album at The Detroit Sound Kitchen. The band expects to release the album in the spring of 2013.


53 Willys Live At GBS Detroit