56 Elvis

56 Elvis


Chris Solano has been performing his award winning Elvis Tribute show for over 7 years and it keeps getting bigger and better! Not only can Chris provide the most energy-packed 1950's Elvis recreation, but now he has added Buddy Holly to his act! It's the best of the 50's rock legends in one show!


Chris Solano has been singing Elvis' music since he was a child. His mother and 3 siblings would movve furniture and dance to Elvis music in their living room. His tribute career all began after winning 1st place at the 2001 Michigan Elvisfest. The Elvisfest then invited him back the following years and after winning many more competitions, Chris began getting bookings year round for a large variety of venus.


Young Elvis - CD
Treat Me Nice - CD
Young and Beautiful - CD
Sun Years - CD
Occasional radio play, usually arond major Elvis events (Elvis' birthday, Michigan Elvisfest, etc.)

Set List

Any 1954-1965 Elvis Songs
Any Buddy Holly songs
Typical set is any where from 20 minutes to 3 hours.