5 Cent Coffee

5 Cent Coffee


We're a Neo-skiffle junkyard blues trio with ukulele driven original material. 5 Cent Coffee is an eclectic trio dedicated to organic old fashioned sound. We use stand up bass, ukuleles, kazoo, washboard, junk, and button accordion - sometimes even guitar.


"5 Cent Coffee is as delightful as a Bing cherry dipped in battery acid," quotes one audience member. We've partnered with a lot of sf bay area ukulele scenesters to participate in ukulele tribute shows like Ukey Stardust and Purple Uke...but our own shows are very blues, new orleans, cabaret sounding events. We recently played the Maker Faire in San Mateo and the promoter was thrilled with our energy and our dynamic set.

One of our biggest projects to date has been the concept show of taking Tom Waits songs and putting them on cheap instruments:
Interview with the East Bay Express, Jan 24th 2007

Interview with the SF Chronicle on Jan 26th 2007

And that is our goal - old fashioned organic sounds - that old jug band, skiffle feel. An old fashioned Americana, yet new. We coined the term "neo-skiffle" to try to describe what we're doing. One of our songs features vocals on a megaphone, a bass line, and a chain repeatedly picked up and dropped.


Currently looking to record. We do have some audio tracks on our mySpace page (not terribly great quality).

Set List

A typical set is about 35-45 minutes of music, and generally we'll only do one or two covers, usually Tom Waits song or two. We switch from high energy to ballad to blues on a dime...

2 Bottles
Cane Cutter
Guns and Balloons
My Baby
Devil Woman
Yellow Cab
6’2” Eyes of Brown
Came Down from the Mountain
Chocolate Jesus
Grumpy Hat