we're a four piece rock/pop-punk band. are music you could say is dark but playful and energetic. sounds like a pop band an acid, coke and heroin.......


Who are 5daysandcounting?
a 4 piece band from co. dublin ireland
started less than a year ago
four friends who liked getting drunk
and playing music
then after some gigs,fights
and alcohol decided to try take
it serious. recorded an ep
an set off.. sold alot here and the states
through cdbaby an itunes.. currently waitng to go into the studio.


Sweey Lullaby

Written By: john mc donagh, shane davis

you were on you knees
while i was waiting for you
leave a message at the tone
why aren't you answering?

you took my life
you ripped it to shreds
al those late nights at work
you were lying in his bed
said it was only me nobody else
but now your gone and im forgotten
i dunno what to do i feel like crying
but im gonna stay strong
not gonna give you what you want

i'm all alone empty inside
i wana runaway
runaway and hide
this is the story of my life

Anthem For The Broken Hearted

Written By: john mc donagh

it was over before it ever began
I'd rather make love to my right hand
your nothing to me anymore
you stupid bitch, you fucking whore

left me standing here you said you'd never leave
as if I've no feel no feeling
or i don't fucking bleed
on day this will happen to you and you'll see
the pain i was in the day you left me

maybe all girls are just fucked in the head
and all guys just wanna get them into bed
loves just bullshit and doesn't exist
you can say it, you don't mean it
you're just full of shit

From The Depths Of My Heart

Written By: john mc donagh

its so nice when i open my eyes and your there
watching the rain fall from my bedroom window
sun breaks through the clouds and you smile
its the sight of you the keeps me alive

(take take take)
my hand and dance with me
(run run run)
until we both can't breath
and fall asleep with me tonight

its so nice when i get to watch you sleep
there's nothing better
im lost in you forever


5daysandcounting ep
We have a track from this ep on internet radio

Set List

we normally play cover but we have enough of our own songs to do a 40 minute set
the end
sweet lullaby
anthem for the broken hearted
from the depths of my heart
starship troopers
if you
Thirteen ghosts