5dots takes hip-hop, drum n' bass, breakcore, and a multitude of other influences through a bit-crushing field of noise and solid beats.


5dots brings the laptop rock.

5dots, born Craig Davis and raised just outside Washington, DC in the suburbs of Virginia, has wanted to be a musician all his life. Davis' traditional musical experience consisted mainly of flirtations with drums and percussion, the influence of which can be heard in his detailed yet organic beat production.

Having found his musical niche in the realm of electronic production, Davis twists sounds from eclectic sources to fit his unparalleled style. Foremost though the sonic manglings and ass-rocking rhythms, however, remains an artistic sincerity that's audible in Davis' defiance of genre constraints and his commitment to the 5dots sound.

Some relevant influences include: Alec Emprie, Aphex Twin, Kid 606, El-P, Matmos, and vintage videogame soundtracks.

5dots has been compared to DAT Politics and Techno Animal.


"Disaster Action Kid": debut full-length, April 2004

Set List

5dots sets have run from 10 minutes to one hour. He likes to write new songs for each outing so that the same crowd doesn't hear the same things twice and includes some improvisation in each performance.