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5 Fold Music

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We are commissioned by God to preach and testify through music. We are concerned about the times so we must carry out the will of God before time run's out. We know there is a need in the youth to provide quality music with a positive message. God bless-5 Fold Music


5 Fold Music has a very original sound, it's a mixture of rap and r&b somewhat like a modern day Warren G and Nate Dogg Except the message is strictly Cross and the style is very different. It's a kind of a mix between east, west, and south.

ASET 1: I met D Sharp in 1997, neither one of us was serving the Lord yet. I featured him on one of my songs on my first album. 10 Years later I started attending a church called Landmark Tabernacle, little did I know that D Sharp was also attending that church. I spoke with him for the first time in years and we made a song the same night. After that it was on, we know God had put us together to make music for His glory ans honor.


LP- 5 Fold Music Reppin Christ
You can download this album free @ www.5foldmusic.com click the free mp3 page

Set List

Are sets are usually around 20 minutes. We usually do the following tracks- Holy Rolla, It,s Real, My Rock, God before us