Appleton, Wisconsin, USA

Resembling the Deftones, Sevendust, Rage Against The Machine, and System Of A Down, 5MAN is catchy yet raw, allowing them to successfully play with bands who are both lighter and heavier. 5MAN shared the stage with nationals such as Saliva, Shinedown, Cold, Dope, Nonpoint, Taproot, Disturbed, & more


With a musical style bordering between hard rock and metal, 5MAN uses thick power chords, haunting guitar lines, driving bass, and solid booming percussion to lay the foundation for its socially relevant lyrics, that are delivered in a grisly and melodic manor. Resembling the Deftones, Sevendust, Rage Against The Machine, and System Of A Down, 5MAN is catchy yet raw, allowing them to successfully play with bands who are both lighter and heavier than themselves. Highlighting a long list of bands with whom they have shared the stage are Saliva, Shinedown, Clutch, Cold, RA, Dope, Nonpoint, Pop Evil, and Egypt Central.


Romance for The Ages

Written By: D. Mancl

Proven to bend the rain, 16 strikes to 27 stones.
What I could not float proves to bring out that red screen,
there dare to dream.
Did I mean to look on a queen and crown myself.
How'd you go from pride and soft sides to gritted?
I pose: Though 'The Know' is the other hand of 'The Do' clapping for myself I jumped right into you.
Bearing close to damnation, I played my part.
Let's get unzipped and wash up.
By a warm fire I'd share a false sense of love.
Nestled in four letter sentiments.
Whispered in linen hints.
Sink this so far that it's a new high.
Bottle pour low most of what you call 'Sinner.'
Tribute. The rest to sparkle numb me.
So many halls, so many falls.
Skin is the liquor, the only thing we've eaten in days.
And these ARE the days; the best.
The rest may hinge, but let's just breathe.
Let's get unzipped and wash up.
By a warm fire I'd share a false sense of love.

Bear The Weight

Written By: D. Mancl

It was in our hands and all we had to do was give it life.
But betrayed plans cut us right back down to size.
It’s a crying shame and it’s yours and mine.
If it feels like a lie, before we’re used to wearing it lets bury our disguise.
It’s about time to get things straight or bear the weight of living in denial.
It’s a crying shame and it’s yours and mine.
We both know how this should go.
If you give it away (that’s right) that’s the price you pay.
It’s a crying shame and it’s yours and mine.
We both know how this should go.

The Burning Lab Of Royal Rife

Written By: D. Mancl

Sweet loving mother lies with her head on the shoulders of Hope and Expectation. Nearing expiration…who to save us now when everything that we consume
Brings health to the hand of doom.
Oh, to be alkaline or to have enough money to butter the swine.
I feel your sickness. It’s just the business part of the machine.
If we were part of the machine, would you be a part of me?
Research finds that the average cancer patient spends $200,000
throughout the course of their treatment.
Yet, in the 1930’s, technology was developed that, for the
Cost of electricity, had the capability to completely destroy the
Viruses causing numerous illnesses..including cancer.
This technology is still, to this day, unapproved by the FDA.
Kill all the sages. Burn all the pages ‘till there’s nothing left
And in our time of need, by default, you emerge the beacon.
Thus upon your feet we lay our sacrifice as every last drop of
blood is sewn into the fabric.
And in time, our charyou tree becomes pleasing to the common eye.
Look what we’ve bought. When I want what I can’t have..you get what you want.
It’s just business.


It seem that there is more money to be made TREATING cancer than CURING it.
Just business.

Student Driver

Written By: D. Mancl, N. Rodello

I’m everything I am and everything I have been brings me here to stand against you.
I bled my heart, these sleeves stained red.
I don’t think it matters anymore.
I have made my own decision…you should leave this alone.
You say you want the best, but in whose best interest?
I don’t want conflict. I made my choice.
I walked away from who I was, and it brought me further from you.
I have made my own decision…you should leave this alone.
Leave it alone.
As you admire what you’re trying to do…hanging ‘said’ beautiful pictures in sullen rooms.
As if your hand can shelter me from the night.
A shadow’s a shadow, but in yours resent hides.
And she blooms, shifting foundation core, shifting the poles,
bringing life…the newest we’ve ever known.
Blow out the candle, the vigil ends, the splinters mend.
Look in the face of a dear dead friend.
I will be raised up and I’m not looking to oppression for a cause.
I read the braille of your unwritten laws, breathe in the exhale of all things lost
so I can see myself without the tint of your vision.
Bad architects’ fetish throbs for collision.
And in the wake of disasters so small you could walk by them and not notice at all,
the ripples will inherit the earth.
I have made my own decision…you should leave this alone.
Leave it alone.

Box Pop

Written By: D. Mancl

Who sets the precedent?
Who’s gonna teach me who I am?
Suggest I stick a knife into my love
and buy a new house in the dot.com nation.
Social pillars guide a straight road plan
but it doesn’t smell like a miracle.
Dig down low and underneath the glow
does your soul look better in falls red fashion?

I’ve got a dream in my hand if you can see it my way.

“Boy, tone your image down.
Sister, just lie down and be what I say.
No ones impressed with your aggression impressions.”-Mores
Since when is there only one way to define ‘practical?’
Selective knowledge and tradition are tag team gold.
Wisdom and passion are reduced to a dream.
Ships pass by but the sky stays green.

Build it up for the glory of…

Four walls strong and it’s all for the all…all you’ve got to do is be it.
Not just a future, it’s a future for you..why can’t you see it?
It feels so good when you know your role
and you won’t ever have to wonder again.
Four walls so strong it just can’t be wrong…you’ve got to be it.
You’ve got to be the fashion.
Build it up for the glory of…
It’s your role.

Domino Gardens

Written By: D. Mancl

It’s so close. Hold your breath lest the domino should fall and tear
up the sky..where we soar over kindling bridges and spoon cuts
that all come around in time..like old friends that never die.
Can we hold our breath for Eden?
I’d wrap my blood around this cause.
You know there’s nothing I wouldn’t do.
But it’s the two sides of the coin..the Saint and the Sinner.
You’d laugh, how I try so hard just to stick my love in the back.
In the back of my mind, I must amend the crime.
Earn and deal, cut and heal…
Sailed ships in the night and all of those things in the light of
what’s to come. Just when you think I’m done…I’m not a quitter.
A single straw breaks it all. Domino, watch it fall.
I’ve got your pyramid. It’s amazing what a man can do if when
he stumbles over the truth..he gets back up. I’m not a quitter.

This concept behind this song is about having a looming feeling that the slightest
event could, for good or for bad, completely change life/reality/perception.
The calm before the storm, so-to-speak.

Ultimate Actor

Written By: D. Mancl

So perceived as ‘outside of the now’…
punching clocks and feeding the sorrow.
Life is gone…NO, life is ON.
We’re hinging our movement on digital waves.
“I will buy what you’re selling as long as you promise to make me attractive again.”
Religion is so inconveniently strict…we’re hinging our morals on digital waves.
Today I am lost on an island…
This afternoon I will heal the sick…
Tonight I will walk as an idol…
death in the sands with no blood on my hands.
There are lives in my T.V. set.
I take them and make them my own…never leaving, never bleeding…
the manifestation of bodies of stone.
Deep down I fear the side of the window that you call home.
Though this pane I can touch you again.
Through this pane I can nurture a soul.
This is the best I can do (mantras are made to be true)
I feel I’m finally home.
Judge not while I judge you.
Selecting a vessel through which I’m growing whole.
I survive another night of Ménage à Trois and perilous fights
and all I ever wanted was that life.
I sit and dream my life through a silver screen.
Reflections aren’t the same as ‘reflecting’ which bodes well for the part of me
that’s raining down judgment…the co-host to apocalypse.
Everybody shake your hips, everybody lick your lips.
I’ve got salvation on queue, it’s the latest.
When I fall down I’m back on top of the world in 30 minute segments.
Lights so bright so you can’t see, but if the night is dark enough I promise I’ll make you believe.

Report To Eden

Written By: D. Mancl

Around the board we move,
shining in the sun.
Whether here or there it's the same
name that parts the lips.
We are all faced with the broadest stroke
so I move like you..the pawn, the hand.
And wonder why hearts don’t reach out. Still we try to tell you that this is the way.
Get ready to lie, steal, cheat.
This is our time.
Lie, steal, cheat and you know why.
They say it’s all for us
so beneath the mighty wing we sleep wrapped in a dream.
Smooth like honey poured from noble rights of birth.
If they tell you this is the way then who are you to doubt?
Slow and sly, hegemony rights your way (it’s our way).
But in awhile we’ll show you that this is the way.
Look in the eyes of the ones that bear, for all, the weight of light.


Written By: D. Mancl

Please don’t stand so close.
We've got talons digging and it's all types of drama.
What'd you bring that plate here for?
You're tryin’ to serve it up but you might be eating.
See, we don't go light on our heads, but I bet you think we'd flip for you. I bet you do.
But let's dispense with that before it's to easy to wear.
For a snow white expectation this could be nothing but a tragedy.
I see you looking for handouts from the drip-heart cores.
Blanket sorrys and sing-a-longs lull defeatist type shit.
But you're still spittin, "I'm a grown man."
Chest heaving. The front is smooth breathing.
The marathon's on.
Just realize, some have been down that road and it sounds like the ghost hum of days made gone before it's too easy to wear.
For a low kind of expectation the lot can be nothing but a tragedy.
Wake up. Your drama's not new.

Some Subtitutions Should Never Be Made

Written By: D. Mancl

Faceball junkie makes all the rules to the game again.
Taste’s gone, bland doll. Whatever happened to innocence?
I’ll have my pain right now instead.
I can’t sleep with all of this hate that lies in bed. Can’t we just
What do you think you know about love?
I’m curious what you think you know about love.
Abel kingdom is waiting for the day that they’re going home.
‘Till then come sit, my pet. Candy Cain for sour girls and sour boys.
All of the games in which we find ourselves have become so undivine..as are we.
What do you think you know about love?
I’m curious what you think you know about love.


The Permanent Campaign - 2010
Role Play - 2009
For the Glory Of... - 2008
Americancer - 2006

Set List

1 hour sets
10 - 14 songs

So Many Wars, So Little Time
We're In This Together... (A Mourner's Petition)
Politics (A Love Story Though I Don't Know Why)
Report to Eden
Student Driver
Burning Lab of Royal Rife
Some Substitutions Should Never Be Made
Romance For the Ages
The Permanent Campaign
Role Play
Some Heroes Are Born, Other Are Reluctantly Made
Ultimate Actor
Bare the Weight
Domino Gardens