5 More Days

5 More Days


Story of the Year meets System of a Down in a dirty hotel in Mexico, decides to get married and have babies...the result is 5 More Days



5 More days in short is a group of guys with a passion for music and will do just about anything to play. 5 More days has a wide range of musical influences which can be heard in the music ranging from rock and alternative to metal and screamo and yes, even punk. What sets 5 More Days apart from a lot of other bands is that the music cannot be categorized as just one style...you might say, "Hey, you guys sound just like so and so"...and then all of the sudden, you think to yourself, "or maybe so and so" and just then the music reminds you of someone completely different...All different styles with completely different sounds to make one beautiful sound we call music.


It Can't Get Any Darker
And I am Her Spirit
Hide and Seek

Set List

Typical set list consists of 6 to 8 songs for a total 40-45 minutes. All originals