5Point is a 3 piece acoustic rock band. Our music includes harmonized vocals, catchy guitar riffs and rhythmic percussion. A normal show includes several instrument changes from 2 acoustic guitars and some bongos/congas, to a guitar, bass and drum set with all different variations inbetween.


5Point started in a dorm room at Villanova University. Bryan O'Mara has been writing and playing music on many different levels and genres for as long as he can remember. He has played with many different artists including John Mayer and Howie Day. As part of a new venture, Bryan began discussing the possibility with his high school friend Kevin Tymon, about starting an acoustic band. When they began to search for a percussionist, they found Ryan Mahoney living right down the hall from kevin, who happened to have a pair of bongos with him at school. Together the trio began to play music for fun, and for whoever at school would listen. When they realized how well the group meshed together, the decided to turn it into a full out band. Ever since the three have not stopped writing new music, while experimenting with different sounds. Their music can be linked to their many influences, which include Dispatch, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Jack Johnson and the like.


5Point Demo CD (5 track CD)

Set List

A typical Setlist (45 minutes) would be:

Save Me From Myself
So Free
No Complaints
Up and Go
Sweet Surrender
*Cover Song*

We play mostly original material, with some covers depending on set time and show type. We do covers of bands including, but not limited to, Dispatch, Sublime, Jason Mraz, Three Doors Down, The GooGoo Dolls, Jack Johnson, & Damien Rice.

We can play any length set and adjust our setlists according.