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Five Points Plan consists of D.O. The Fabulous Drifter, and Dow Jones of The Ground Zero Movement, a group of MCs skilled in the ancient art of underground hip-hop. Our high-energy live show, and rugged Colorado sound have captivated audiences nationwide. Witness our pursuit of world domination.


Formed in 1999, The Ground Zero Movement was the brain child of D.O. Tha Fabulous Drifter. D.O. is a storied Denver Performer with roots in Trenton New Jersey. His stints with the Funky Young Tribe (1994 release: “This that s**t”) , and Shades of Dialect (1995 release:ASE-One demo) introduced him to ASE-One. The two shared aspirations of changing the focus and the sound of the Denver music scene.

At this same time the Denver hip-hop scene experienced a significant upheaval when another influential group, Voo Doo Economics, parted ways. As members of this group Sid Fly an energetic and feared battle MC, met Dow Jones, a little known, area producer with striking creativity.

In 2002 The Ground Zero Movement began the ground work of reestablishing Denver hip hop as a top commodity in the local scene. In the process they opened the doors of venues and promoters that typically shunned hip-hop as a potential source of violence.

The Ground Zero Movement remained busy recording the 2002 release “No Rado Play” a 5 song E.P. “No Radio Play” gave The Ground Zero Movement the ammunition necessary to explode on to the local and national music scene. The release made The Ground Zero Movement into Denver’s ambassadors for hip hop allowing them to work beside a number of legendary artists. Among these artists are Tha Liks, The Beatnuts, Bone Thugs and Harmony, KRS-ONE, Eightball and MJG, The Pharcyde, and Ludacris.

The release of their first full length album "Tangerine" brought attention from a number of independent record labels. They settled on Response Records a newly formed company based in Denver. Response Records sponsored the 2003 release “Future I.D.” on which The Ground Zero Movement harnessed the creativity and talent of Tash of Tha Liks. The album marked the beginning of their rise to prominence in underground hip-hop.

2004 was a year of significant change for The Ground Zero Movement. The early part of the year was marked by the mutual dissolution of their relationship with Response Records and the cancellation of a planned 39 city tour with Digital Underground.

The Ground Zero Movement remained steadfast and diligent. Their diligence paid off when they received the 2004 Westword Music Award for the best hip hop group in Colorado.

The group is currently hard at work and has been recording a number of tracks in preparation for a fourth album release.

In late 2004 the group released a single entitled "Struggle" featuring ASE-ONE on vocals featuring Allison Wright a Denver based R&B singer. This electrifying track, produced by the group's own Dow Jones, let everyone know that the Ground Zero Movement was still in full effect.
It was featured on Basementalism (KUCB 1190AM) as the Colorado Track of the Week.

Recently D.O. The Fabulous Drifter released a single entitled "Wake Up/The Emergence of the Black Hero" that has garnered significant media attention and radio play. He was also featured as the cover story for the Boulder Weekly Newspaper in January of this year.


1. "No Radio Play" EP - released January 2002
2. "Tangerine" LP - released May 2002
3. "Future I.D." LP - released Sept. 2003 (Response Records)
4. "Writers Square" LP - recorded Jun-Aug of 2004 unreleased
5. "Struggle" b/w "Uh Huh" single - released Oct. 2004
6. "Wake Up" b/w "Emergence of the Black Hero" single - relased January 2006

Set List


We can do any length set that the concert or event calls for. The Ground Zero Movement has done everything from a 6 minute set opening for Westside Connection, to headling shows with a set of 1 hour or more.

We will perform a mixture of our new and old songs, giving us a very large repertoire. We also use current popular instrumentals, acapellas, and crowd participation to keep the attention of the people.