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A warm, psychedelic embrace and a kiss to your 3rd eye. From etheric atmosphere to kaleidoscopic thunder, no rock is left unturned.


Formed in 2003, Toronto based psychedelic art rock band, 5th PROJEKT has received numerous accolades in the underground and independent music community. Their previous 5 albums have been featured on various CBC radio programs, and Top 30 college and university radio charts coast to coast in Canada. The band has also garnered invitations to music festivals such as NXNE, CMW, Toronto Indie Week, TWiMFEsT, Rockergrrl, Lupercalia, Otherfolk, as well as music award nominations for the Toronto Independent Music Awards, the Ontario Independent Music Awards and the Orange County Music Awards in California. 5th PROJEKTs passion for touring has taken them from Ontario to Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia making new friends and fans along the way.

Their latest extended play, "Gamma-Wave Rhythm" was released in limited edition physical format on September 14th, 2013 marking 5th PROJEKT's 10th anniversary. After a short tour of eastern Canada in the autumn of 2013, songwriters Tara Rice (vox, guitars) and multi-instrumentalist Sködt McNalty started writing and recording a new full length album based upon their time on the Camino de Santiago. The band played several shows to test out the new material throughout 2014, including a 3 month residency at the Painted Lady in Toronto, where they curated the successful and psychedelic monthly series, Second Thursdays. 

In 2015, the band continued to write and record for the new album, while Tara Rice embarked upon the alternative folk festival circuit supporting her latest release, "Panorama". On the spring solstice of 2016, 5thPROJEKT announced that they had finished recording a new 12 track album, "ULTREYA!". No release date has been set. 

Festival Invitations/Showcases:

TWIMFest 2014
FUNxNE 2014
NXNE 2012
Canadian Music Week 2012
Lupercalia, Owen Sound 2012
OTHERfolk Festival, Owen Sound 2011
Dia De los Muertos Arts Festival, Toronto 2010
Indie Week, Toronto 2010
Earth Day Festival, Montreal 2010
Music for MS Fundraiser, Toronto 2009
Speak Up! Film Festival Gala 2007
Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Book Launch Party - Casa Loma, Toronto 2007
Ontario Independent Music Awards 2007
Indie Week Toronto 2007
Toronto Underground Arts Festival 2006
ROCKRGRL, Seattle 2006
Canadian Music Week 2006
NXNE 2005

Award Nominations:

Best Indie Band - Ontario Independent Music Awards, Canada
Best Alternative Artist - Toronto Independent Music Awards
Best International Artist - Orange County Music Awards, California
Best Rock Song for 'In a Coma' by Toronto Exclusive Magazine
Best Alternative - Just Plain Folks Awards, California


Featured on Alan Cross's Explore Music radio show and Exploremusic.com
CBC Televisions Sounds Like Summer Music Series
CBC Radios Definitely Not the Opera - Independent Artist of the Week
Circadian debuted at #5 on CIUT FM
Song In a Coma licensed to New Zealand mountainbike film How About It
Songs TV and Feel commissioned & licensed to the film, Good People, Bad Things; winner Best International Film "suspense" NY International Film and Video Festival '08
Featured on Hope Volume One compilation CD with Lisa Loeb and Joanne Cash & Johnny Cash with proceeds benefiting Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE)
Live acoustic performance on The Verge, XM Satellite


In a Coma...

Written By: Sködt D. McNalty (SOCAN/ASCAP)

in a coma
i dreamt of a world of mouth to hand
metal ships sailed on sea of black
to disappear

walls of glass
some shuttered in
the uniforms dulled with grey shadows littered about
paper pink lay discarded

in a coma
breath in breath out
never seem to remember anything

an excitement of a ship...
they could see inside
and i knew why we were clearly on our way
we will sail into the future
far into the black
and away...

(inspired by Yevgeny Zamyatin's "WE")


Written By: Tara Rice (SOCAN/ASCAP)

Talking about my mouth youve got me distracted
You think I belong in this world of solid objects
You want to transfer ghosts to humanism.

Diverted from regaining my own natural rhythm
Shaded from what I know Ive been missing


You tell me I need nothing to say
Cuz you can read in to how I sway

When it appeared that I was looking up at the sky
I was looking at those crazy creatures in my eyes

One to Throw Away

Written By: Tara Rice (SOCAN/ASCAP)

So god painted her with sore eyes and cold lies
You add a little inquiry
Do you know how to get inspired by these people
By god, dont you hate them all
Theyre waiting for the rain cloud
Above my lane in a golden flurry
A bush fire will ignite in the desert and I have
Got one to throw away, Im a ghost on the highway
When I find the path to love Ill let you know.

No dont look up. Just keep running.
You cant see anything
We are so thoughtless and careless
Not just to ourselves but toward this planet.
Were the only ones who will take pleasure from
Anothers pain and we shun harmony
To maintain our position on the food chain
If you call that a gain
When I find the path to love Ill let you know.

Do we dare to communicate love, do we dare to extend out
Do we dare to speak our minds, do we dare to despise
If we smile too largely will our stitches tear
Uncovering, exposing whats really in there

You say I look a little haunted
Like a nameless, faceless, shapeless, shameless little thing
I want to know that for every gesture I make, I dont need to explain.
Time will tell and time will heal
I think thats pretty good for something thats not real
I gasp at the pleasure I get from
Seeing you in pain
And I shun humanity
To maintain my position in this war game
If thats what you want to play
When I find the path to love Ill let you know.


Written By: Sködt D. McNalty (SOCAN/ASCAP)

Dangerous; the laden movement of The Dark.
A fading twilight on the Confident Hoax
controlled (by the fear of meaning
mistaken by a sadist's vision
and patroned by the wooden sword)
if this is called heaven, a home, a reprieve
respectfully leave me with my own make believe
staking claim with a sleeve for the season
a vernacular of lies to reinforce reason
perhaps this is the answer to your self-indulgent matter?
Calling you to walk away; the game of snakes & ladder.
Echoes of shade
echoes of shadow
does choice even matter...
To you?
Who are we to draw the line, confined to a margin?
Who are we to control life with mere thoughts of option?
Who are we to know who we are, to be ready or ready or not?
To seethe & sew with ebb & flow, disaffected and vulnerable.
Perhaps this is the answer to your self-indulgent matter?
Calling you to walk away; the game of ladder & snake.
whose fate is to flatter
you've got my interrogation circled in red on your memory sheet
remind yourself who's in control
leave it blank for another day
when the waves come for your perfect way
who are we to desecrate? To change the tides of time?
Who are we to defy fate? To thread the needles eye?
Who are we but the hands of gods with the free will of a weekly wage?
To breathe & grow outside the know, dialectically realigned

Broken Like This

Written By: Tara Rice (SOCAN/ASCAP)

Through the coil I catch the bus
Struggle to keep standing up
This is what takes me far away from then
And I don’t know anything
About time and the state of mind
Whatever works to get me out of here will do
Sleeping’s a waste and
Breathing is fake
It’s all just what I think
That keeps the world
Broken like this
Make some sound with me pleaseI miss your face if I can’t see
Through this precious sorrow that I bought
And I know I’m paying again
This is the pattern that I spin
I don’t like webs that tangle, wrap so tight


Written By: Tara Rice (SOCAN/ASCAP)

They appear as quickly as they escape, these dreams and revelations.
Just before I attempt to explore, they depart, leaving empty space…
so how can you pilot the planet?
how can you be insightful change?
and how do you know this moment has the
present creation to arrange?
The way to make the doubt go away;
Harm cannot be if resistance doesn’t exist,
so I’ll surrender ceremoniously.
In this space, do you know your place?
are your parts and pieces grounded in a systematic manner?
Overindulge the gray - as my ego walks through, I secure the door.
She protests…what did you do that for?
haven’t we made a great force so far?
and do you really think you’ll ever find...
The way to make the doubt go away?
Harm cannot be if resistance doesn’t exist,
so I’ll surrender ceremoniously.
silence has a voice
nothing is created outside
only within this void
i'm going to drop the ball
and i'm going to let it fall
to lay bare

Psych 66

Written By: Tara Rice


I’m a conduit
I’m waiting for it
To materialize now
In frequency and sound

You’re an instrument
Communication agent
So provoke unrest
In this heady awareness

It was a common year
Starting on a Saturday
Psych 66

Black wildcats
Fighting in the alley way
Giving their licks

It was a common year
Starting on a Saturday
Psych 66

Banned paperback
Passing out the acid test
Class dismissed

Index Librorum
Abolish it no more
Understand no bounds

It was a common year
Starting on a Saturday
Psych 66

Black wildcats
Fighting in the alley way
Giving their licks

It was a common year
Starting on a Saturday
Psych 66

Banned paperback
Passing out the acid test
Class dismissed


Written By: Tara Rice & Skodt McNalty

Status is imagination
A make-believe evocation
To compare
A media veil, a glamour
I didn’t want to wear

Leave me to my dreams
My own answers
This isn’t love?

Charmed as it may seem (when I wake I feel)
This is not my dream (the gap between me and everything)
Making it seem (love is)
That sleep’s (a star a million miles away)
A million…

Mother, she taught you how to hustle
Daddy taught you to use your muscle
And you burned what you learned

Leave me to my dreams
My own answers
This isn’t love?

Here’s the line
Here’s a dangerous mind
It’s all media
A fashion flair
A glamour that
I didn’t want to wear


Gamma-Wave Rhythm - EP (2013 Organik Rekords OR 007)
V - LP (2011 Organik Rekords OR 5.05)
CiRCADiAN - LP (2006 Organik Rekords OR 004)
the Tales of Don Quixote - X-EP (2005 - Organik Rekords OR 003)
DEMOn002 - EP (2004 - Organik Rekords OR 002)
DEMOn001 - EP (2004 - Organik Rekords OR 001)

Soundtracks & Compilations:
Music from the film Good People, Bad Things (2008 Opine Entertainment)
HOPE Volume One (2007 Visionary Concepts VC001)

Purchase 5th PROJEKT albums online at


CiRCADiAN is also available at:
She Said Boom - Toronto (Roncesvalles)
Rotate This - Toronto (Queen West)
Movie Art Decor - Toronto (Bloor West)
Daydream Nation - Guelph
The Beat Goes On - Guelph, Kitchener, Oakville, St. Catharine's, Waterloo
HMV (Canada)

Set List

Original material for set of up to 60 minutes.
Unplugged set of equal length also available.