5th & Birmingham

5th & Birmingham

 Los Angeles, California, USA

In a musical era of un-originality, 5th & Birmingham is truly a breath of fresh air. With bold lyrics and music, 5th blends rock and traditional country sounds to produce music that will keep your toes tapping and your fingers snapping. Check them out!


5th and Birmingham was founded Nov. of 2009, with the final piece of the band added in July 2010. The core musicians are longtime friends, and have been playing together for some time now in various bands and projects.

Lead vocalist Desirae Wolffe really sets the tone for what this band has to offer. Add sister Jesica for some striking harmonies, Chris on lead guitar, and JP playing banjo, mandolin, and lap steel, and you get a country-rockin good time. The foundation is laid down by master bassist Moe McKenzie, with help from Matt and Ian on guitars. Drums are taken care of by Jon Sarna.

It is difficult to compare 5th & Birmingham to any other band. With influences from classic rock to modern country to bluegrass, 5th takes notes from all musicians to develop their own sound and style. Plus, it's excellent to dance to! Check them out.


Demo release of our 6 song EP is scheduled for the first week of Oct. 2010.