5th Generation

5th Generation


5th Generation is a Versatile Reggae Rock Group that brings thick bass lines,catchy riffs,and smooth melodies. Blending all styles of music, these guys will make your ass shake and your ears ring. 5th Generation will get people into your venue and will put them in the right mood to make you money.


5th Generation is a reggae/ rock band that formed in Greenville, North Carolina. There are four people that make up the core instrumentation, Sean Gregory on lead vocals and guitar, Joe Petriello on bass, Austin Lewis on drums, and Joel Santora on auxiliary percussion and vocals.

Hailing from neighboring high schools in Richmond, Va. Sean and Austin began jamming at ECU in the winter of 2005. The pair brought in Joel originally from Charlotte, North Carolina to add a rhythmical flair of percussion. Being a bass player shy, Joel recruited the final piece of the group. From Greensboro, North Carolina Joe, brings a funky, in your face style on the bass. Once the quartet was primed, they began preparing a set list of favorite Sublime songs so they could start playing frat parties. Soon the frat parties turned into clubs and bars, and before too long the group began traveling to as many places as possible. The attention gained in early 2006 propelled the group into a summer full of playing venues, beach bars, and dance clubs packed with music lovers from all walks of life.

After a very successful summer in 2006 the group had a chance to record their first full length album. On Sep. 15, 2006 they released their debut album “Let the Music Hit.” 5th Generation brings a powerful reggae rock vibe that is sure to get the dance floor moving and the keg beer flowing. The quartet has had the opportunity to share the stage with such distinguished acts as, S.O.J.A, The Movement, Jah Creation, Ballyhoo, Passafire, In Session, Arrested Development, The Spin Doctors, and Afroman. The typical show consists of an energetic mix of originals and crowd favorites ranging from Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Marley, Grateful Dead, Pepper, Jay-Z , Snoop Dog and more.


Demo- 5 tracks
Live at Alley Katz- 10 tracks
Let the Music Hit - 11 tracks
Burning Away- Airplay on 99x(Greenville NC)
I Wish- 93.1 Greenville

Set List

Typical Set 30-40 songs

Originals- Burning Away, Mr. Cop, Enemy, Peace of Mind, In Phunk We Thrust, , Let the Music Hit, Inside, Moving On, I wish, Mary Jane, Bad Times, Rise Up,

Covers- Anything of Sublime Self Titled or 40 Oz to Freedom, also Slightly Stoopid, The movement, Pepper, Marley, and SOJA, Jay-Z, and Snoop.