It's "psychedelic" music. Usually electric guitar and voice, songs, lots of improvisation. I like sci-fi, free jazz, subtle energies, rocknroll, chaos and chance. I eat lots of fish. I try to help my friends. I love my cat. I am the standard of normalcy against which all else shall be measured.


I grew up in Vermont, where I spent 25 years in the woods doing nothing but play the guitar. From 2001 to 2007 I lived in Seattle, where I supported my music habit with a dayjob. In the meantime which is now, I dwell in Los Angeles.

In Vermont I played mainly in the band called Bruce, and also in various collectives at various open jams.

In Seattle I played the electric guitar with The Bond, Glass Goblins, Snoose Junction, Zoomsquad, Evan & The Modern Human Show and others, the idea being to play as much music as I could, all the time. I played bass in a few bands, too. That was a good seven years.

Now I am in Los Angeles. My girlfriend is here. I am glad to be with her. Many of my Seattle groups are still functional, as is the band called Bruce (out of Vermont). But mostly, here in L.A., I play the electric guitar, and I sing. (We call that a “solo project” ... ) I help out my friends, when they need an electric guitar player. And I play in a band called Cricket & The 2:19.

Here's a little bit about some of the bands:

***Glass Goblins is a specific attempt to wed Japanese psychedelia with a Medeski Martin & Wood type of groove. I am very fond of this project, though it is on temporary hiatus as the current members are scattered about the country. We will reconvene.

***Bruce is the world's greatest boogie band. Really. It's all about Marc Cantlin & me & the Big Groove. We're still based out of Vermont. Should be a new album soon.

***Snoose Junction is an improvising collective. We played at Mr Spot's Chai House (don't get me wrong, coffee house or no, we were LOUD) every Monday night for a year. What a blast! Since the personnel was never the same from week to week, neither was the genre or the mood. Sometimes we had ten people playing and singing at once, ranging in age from 17 to 65, with twenty more in the audience waiting for their turn. We recorded a lot of these shows and they are making it out there in various formats. Here's to many more!

***Zoomsquad is all-improvised psychedelically flavored ice cream, but with a definitely heavy temperament. No songs, and every session is different.

Every one of these bands has a special place in my heart.

I have recorded and released a bunch of CD-Rs along the way. They range from abstract and noisy improv ("321 Party") to solo-acoustic country-blues ("It's A What?") and electric rock'n'roll ("Kira"). There will be more of these - I can't seem to help making albums! It isn't enough just to play. I LIKE albums, I grew up listening to albums (I mean, forty minutes to an hour of music in a particular order, all at once) and now I HAVE TO MAKE THEM. I have posted samples of each on the CDs page.

Sometimes I write things. One thing that I wrote, an interview with Marc Cantlin, has been published online. You can read it here: http://www.furious.com/perfect/marccantlin.html

Anything else?

Oh, yeah: Nothing is etched in stone, don't let the bastards grind you down, and if you lose your happy thoughts you'll fall out of the sky!


Godless Weather

Written By: 5

A soulful assassin with a heart of tin,
trouble on his mind and food on his chin,
arrives at midnight and waits like the doorman's ransom

He doesn't have a jacket and he doesn't have a hat,
it's been raining for a year like blood from a bat,
his arrival was expected, awaited, and long since abandoned

He doesn't know space and he doesn't know time,
he's the landing on its edge of your very last dime,
he's the nails on the chalkboard, the tape that holds your glasses together

Something real isn't real, something we need isn't here,
he's a sign, he's an omen, the coast is unclear,
he's a voice in the clouds singing stories of godless weather

Marionette who's all tied up in silk
with a head full of distraction and a navel full of milk
is moved to action but can't make herself talk from dreaming

She's somewhere on a mountaintop living alone
with a blanket made from a bear's hide and walls made of stone,
and when she gets tired and only wants to go home it is easy

She's living in Atlantis, where her baby was born
long before the flood, long before the big storm.
She can relax, she can fall back into someone's arms any evening

but the one loving her now is only filling a place where there was
room for a man but no room for a face,
just for someone you can carry around in a suitcase easily


Written By: Neon Brown

I am not going to tell you the lyrics to this song, but will instead do you the far greater favor of directing you to neonbrown.com

(He's Not Dead, He's Just In) Texas

Written By: S John Philpin aka 5-Track

He's not dead, he's just in Texas
but she walks the floor til midnight just the same, cursing his name

A steel hand reaches down from the sky
Brushes aside all that stands in his way
He will not listen to the voices of the dead
And she will be their slave

He's not dead, he's just in Texas
but she walks the floor til midnight just the same, cursing his name

Driven by forces he doesn't understand
Drawn to darkness in its myriad forms
Only in the darkness can the light be found
And if you start at the top you can only come down

He's not dead, he's just in Texas
but she walks the floor til midnight just the same, cursing his name

She speaks in tongues and never listens
Her words have lives of their own
She does her level best to stay out of their way
And keep a mellow home

He's not dead, he's just in Texas
but she walks the floor til midnight just the same, cursing his name


*mp3s of most releases may be heard at http://www.5-Track.com

selected discography:

"Bruce Lives" by Bruce - 2009 (forthcoming), psychedelic boogie music

"The Naturalization Of The Cetacean Nation" by Abalone Sandwich - 2008
 ambient guitar drones and underwater improvisations

"Live on KEXP Sonarchy Radio: The Last Days Of Ballard Saga Cycle" by Snoose Junction - 2008, non-hierarchical & fully-improvised psychedelic grooves, free downloadable album

"Interstellar Mating Rituals" by Zoomsquad - 2008, psychedelically flavored heavy ice cream music

"Kira" by Glass Goblins - 2007, rocknroll, 4-song EP

"A Moose Supreme" by Evan & The Modern Human Show - 2007, psychedelic music

Snoose Junction: Live At Mr Spot’s vols. 1, 2 and 3 - 2006, electric improv

"Glass Goblins @ Chop Suey" by Glass Goblins - 2006
 psychedelic rocknroll, improv & songs & singing

"It’s A What?" by 5-Track - 2005, acoustic guitar, songs and singing

"GUSTY WINDS may exist" by Underground Weather & Marc Cantlin - 2005
 a composition for improvising rock band by Marc Cantlin

"KAOS NITES" by Kaos Nites - 2004, electric improv

"5-A-Delic" web-only release by 5-Track & Delic - 2003
 psychedelic funk with Marc Cantlin & friends

"321 Party" by 321 Party - 2003, electric improv

"4.5 Won’t Do" by 5-Track - 2002, acoustic guitar, songs and singing

"The Blind Shark" by Bruce - 2000, psychedelic funk

"The Devil’s Music" by Pofis & 5 - 2000, lo-fi psychedelic improv, cassette-only

"LIVE NUDES" by Live Nudes - 1999, lofi ambient porch grooves

"Fewmets" by Bruce - 1999, cassette-only improv compilation

"Bruce For Your Life" by Bruce - 1999, psychedelic rocknroll

"Bruceshit" by Bruce - 1999, lofi psychedelic rocknroll, cassette-only

Set List

A set can run a half hour to an hour and a half, depending on what is needed. A typical set is made up of original songs and improvisations, sometimes including but not limited to:

(He's not dead, he's just in) Texas
(I don't need a) Tinfoil Helmet
Blues For Horselover Fat
The Last Asian Cowgirl
Nothing To Complain About, Today
Godless Weather
The Clock Song
Right Here & Now
Tacoma Motel
Easy Way Out Of Touch
Lunar Sunrise
Morning Train
Angle Of Repose
Out Of Range
Space Angel
Exit Zero
Mule's Teeth