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Detroit, Michigan, United States | INDIE

Detroit, Michigan, United States | INDIE
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60 Second Crush @ The Ritz

Warren, Michigan, USA

Warren, Michigan, USA

60 Second Crush @ Simon's Bar

Allen Park, Michigan, USA

Allen Park, Michigan, USA

60 Second Crush @ Bumpers Night Club

Westland, Michigan, USA

Westland, Michigan, USA

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If Jim Morrison were to rise from the dead and join Rage Against the Machine, it might sound a bit like this band. Harman belts out rich, melodic vocals with a punk attitude, while the guitar players crank out chunky riffs. The band's heavy botton sound comes from Forrester's intense bass plucking and MacDonald's serial killer drumming. - Detroit News

The latest alternative rock sensation from Detroit, 60 Second Crush is posied and ready to explode onto the national and international music scene. The Crush plays a mix of punk, funk and metal with edgy raw blues. They've been described as a combination of Stone Temple Pilots and Rage Against The Machine with Jim Morrison as a lead singer.
60 Second Crush has been showered with critical acclaim since its inception. The band also has an impressive touring resume which includes two European tours, opening for Sponge nationally and opening for German rock band Megahertz Internationaly, not to mention headlining at clubs and venues all over the midwest.
The Street festival is free so you have no excuse - come out and support the Crush. Soon enough you'l be to say "I saw them when..." - Artvoice

Dirty, crunchy rock meets slick production on 60 Second Crush’s latest album, Scratch, which is destined to set the standard of rock in this city for some time to come. This CD is full of heavy riff intros, breakdowns in the middle and climaxes at the end of every song, kind of like good sex. An autobiographical album, all 12 songs relate to love, broken relationships and broken friendships. The highlights here are “What’s On Your Mind,” “Everyday Girl” and “Fading Away” the great unorthodox tempos in the first two as well as a cool tribal intro in “Writing On The Wall.”

Overall, though, this band seriously kicks ass! If you’re tired of the White Stripes, Kid Rock, or geriatric has-beens like Ted Nugent representing where you’re coming from, then check out 60 Second Crush’s Scratch and find out what Detroit’s sound used to be about: solid rock ‘n’ roll. - The South End

How do you get a large active band like 60 Second Crush on the Locker Room's smallish stage? Apparently you don't as vocalist Tommy Techno and bassist Dana Forrester spent a lot of time off stage mingling with the audience. As Forrester put it, "Yes, the stage was way too small. I kept stepping on Bravin's pedals and bumping into Eze's drum kit..so audience participation was a must!" She had red and purple streaks in her long black hair, wore the coolest skull dress and played a "custom strung Musicman Sterling and an Ampeg/Mesa Boogie hybrid amp." She spent a lot of time playing her bass straight upright as not to poke anyone in the eye. Forrester asked, "How many of you have had a shitty week? I've had the worst week ever. This next song is called 'Anger.' It's rock therapy." That was followed by the gatling gun attack of drum and bass on "Killing Machine." Jezter from Soot joined the band on vocals for "Destructive." Guitarist Peder Seglund jumped up and down most of the show, contrasting guitarist Bravin Neff who was the calm in the storm, whipping up a whirlwind of sound as he dragged on a cigarette delicately hanging off his lip. Maybe it's the nicotine that keeps him so rock steady. They played "Sister Suicide" a song featured on the Sci-Fi Channels' "Hulk: The Low Down" show and closed with Iggy's "Search and Destroy" where they were joined by guest vocalist Fish, the bassist with TroubleMan who kept sneaking bass string pulls off of Forrester's guitar as he sang. - Jam Rag Magazine

What do you call a disc with songs about dysfunction, deviation, death, addiction, depravity, and “dirt”? How about “Street Corner Of Fear”, the title of 60 Second Crush’s third disc and it’s an absolutely incredible compilation of songs with dark themes and driving beats that, unbelievably, you will find yourself singing along to at the top of your lungs!! Tommy T’s haunting edgy vocals, drive the sound that’s backed by a collection of intense beats, pulsing, crunching, guitar rhythms, punctuated by classic axe riffs. “Intense” is the best word to describe everything the Crushers do on this 10 track punk/metal masterpiece. “Numb” , the first track, epitomizes what 60 Second Crush is all about, opening with a hammering beat and synthed vocals, the mood is dark and ominous, yet after a verse you’ll be singing along, the hook is so strong, the beat so infectious, you can’t help it! The Crushers have created a sound that we at Dr2 are absolutely unable to pigeonhole! You know the “It sounds like…” game? Their sound is completely unique. Blend the intensity and anger of punk, with the beat and rhythm of metal, then toss in the addictive hooks of pop music and you might get some idea of what they have, but it stills seems inadequate. Other highlights of the disc include “Murder In Ohio”, “Rehab”, “Body On Me”, “Sister Suicide”, and “Dirt”. Every one explores a different aspect of 60 Second Crush’s music. Sex, Drugs, and Rock-&Roll at its finest! It is no wonder that MTV snapped up the rights to this disc for use in their show “Road Rules”, a definite coup for the Crushers. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, we at DR2 have to admit that we’ve seen, and you have probably seen us at, many 60 Second shows right up front with the crazies! We mention this, because once you have seen them live, it is impossible to separate the visual from the sound, the two become a musical yin and yang, complimentary and indivisible. As addictive as the disc is, you really cannot fully appreciate the whole package until you get out to a show. The stage is usually decorated with Seglund original paintings, while their sound is amazing, nearly duplicating what you hear on disc, Tommy T & crew (“Schimdog” pounding out the trip-hammer beats, “Wildman” Seglund, and the Bass Goddess, Dana, adding their rhythm, and recently added to the band, Dave Hicks (replacing Caine) cranking out the leads), are truly something to see! Their set is more an all-out, balls-to-the-wall, arms raised in the air, head-banging, musical assault on the senses…..a “Hellacious” event more than a mere show. So, in short, get out and see them, buy a disc, support local music!! Check out 60 Second Crush by heading over to the Dr2 MySpace Page where you’ll find the Crushers in our “Top Friends”. You can find the disc at CDBaby and info about upcoming shows, as always is at Detroit Rock Review. Remember for the latest LOCAL music news Detroit rock Review is the place to go! Keep Rockin!! - Detroit Rock Review


"Street Corner of Fear" (Aural Pleasure)

"Scratch" (Aural Pleasure Records) - Full Length CD

"Love For A Minute" (Aural Pleasure Records)- Full Length CD



Detroit’s 60 Second Crush cranks out a lethal mix of killer guitar crunch, thumping grooves, and balls-out punk intensity. It’s a sonic assault that makes you dance, sweat and raise your middle finger in salute to music that is Detroit's great rock and roll tradition. 60 Second Crush’s revved up sound and full-throttle stage show has won over international and local audiences alike, while earning the band critical accolades.

In fact, the Detroit Music Awards named the band “Outstanding Hard Rock Act” in 2008 and 2011.

60 Second Crush is a rock and roll workhorse - writing, recording and doing what the band loves best - playing live. In the last few years, the band toured extensively headlining festivals in Munich and Hamburg (Germany), Mexico and Amsterdam, to rocking high profile showcases at legendary venues: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, SXSW, The Viper Room (Los Angeles) and CBGB’s (NYC).

Back at home in Detroit - 60 Second has shared the stage with a staggering array of national artists including BuckCherry, Finger Eleven, Bret Michaels (VH1 Rock of Love Tour), Dope, Sponge, Corey Glover (Living Color), and many more. Despite being tour support for bands of such different genres - 60 Second Crush has always risen to the occasion and simply put, kicked ass. A festival favorite, 60 Second Crush has rocked many of the Midwest’s biggest events including Arts, Beats and Eats, Rally in Hell, Xtreme Cage Fight, Midwest Motorcycle Fest, Detroit Bike Week, Prospecto Music Festival, to name just a few.

So far the band has released three acclaimed full length CDs: “Love for A Minute,” “Scratch,” and “Street Corner of Fear.” Tracks from all three discs continue to be featured extensively on national TV shows on Discovery, A&E, MTV, Spike TV, VH1, Sy Fi, USA, and the Travel Channel. Highlights include “Gene Simmon’s Family Jewels” (A&E), “Man Vs. Food” (Travel Channel), VH1’s “100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs,” “Sturgis Motorcycle Mania” (Discovery), “UFC’s 2010 MMA Awards “(Spike) and “Road Rules Challenge” (MTV).

Currently, 60 Second Crush is finishing up mixing their highly anticipated fourth CD, while bringing their hemi-powered rock to live venues across the country.

60 Second Crush’s music is now available worldwide on Itunes and Cdbaby.com