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60 Second Crush

Detroit, Michigan, United States | INDIE

Detroit, Michigan, United States | INDIE
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"60 Second Crush Live Show Review March 2010"

60 Second Crush: The best surprise of the nite.
They have the stage presence of veterans with a sound that is pure Detroit blue-collar, get your hands dirty, groove funk rock and effin' roll! Not to mention one of the hottest bass players i've seen and a front man with enough attitude to take down any alleyway full of punks.) - Motor City Blog

"60 Second Crush Live Show Review July 2010"

60 Second Crush, who not only are one of Dr2's favorites, but judging by the crowd gathered in front of the stage, they're a favorite of a hell of a lot of you! The highlight of the night, other than their drummer "Schim Dawg" performing with his kilt on, was when singer Tommy T invited all on stage (of course we did!) to join in on "Street Corner of Fear", literally bringing down the house in a flurry of balls out shouts of.....Get Ready, Get Ready.......from the now on stage crowd, awesome! - Detroit Rock Review

"60 Second Crush at Zippo Regional Finals"

had the opportunity to atttend the Zippo Hot Tour Regional Finals and catch 60 Second Crush's performance.

60 Second Crush is:
Tommy Techno: Vocals
Dana Forrester: Bass
Peder Seglund : Guitar
Jason Caine: Lead Guitar
Ryan Schimming : Drums

Their debut album, Love For a Minute (1998), received critical acclaim. Their second album, Scratch, has shown superior musicianship and precision combined with a heavy feel, danceable groove, and stage prescence that has won audiences over, both nationally and all over Europe. The track, "Sister Suicide", is featured on Sci-Fi Channel's "Hulk The Low Down."

The crowd was electric as 60 Second Crush hit the stage. The show was being taped for HDA-TV, to be televised this upcoming winter. The opening song, "Fading Away" had a catchy chorus, a steady bouncy beat, and lightning-fast guitar riffs.

"What's on Your Mind" used good effects and Tommy's haunting vocals carried the song to an introspective level.

"Everyday Girl" was a crowd pleaser. With a combination of a driving beat and a heavy punk feel, the song had me humming the chorus, long after the show ended.

The song "Sucka Punch" (to be released on their forthcoming CD this winter) had punk/metal quality. The menacing tone and thundering intensity, provided a full-on heavy assault - made my ears feel that "sucka punch."

The surprise guest of the evening was Jezter, of the band SOOT, who came onstage and performed a duet with Tommy on "Destructive". The dark, moody vocals combined with Jezter's rap, was reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine. Overall, the duet went over well with the audience, as they were dancing and moshing along to it.

Observations were that 60 Second is a band that commands the stage as far as presentation and audience participation. With influences such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Iggy Pop, it comes as no surprise that this band is reknowned for mass appeal to their audiences. Their tours of Europe gave them vast exposure as headliners and has granted them praise from many well-known critics. Hailing from the Motor City, this band is headed for great things. Looking forward to their upcoming CD.

Thanks go out to:
Aural Pleasure Records
Crissy and the Zippo Staff - Score Magazine

"Streetcorner of Fear CD Review"

I have been sitting here mulling over in my mind just what exactly to compare 60 Second Crush’s Street Corner of Fear record to, and the only thing I came up with was a bank heist. Well, this is the music you would have playing in the getaway car at least.

60 Second Crush describe themselves as ‘a lethal mix of killer guitar crunch, thumping grooves, and ball-out intensity.’ OK, fair enough, but I would also add that their music is glammy, vampy, trashy, and cocky. There, I think that should do it. 60 Second Crush is a quintessential rock and roll band in every sense of the word, and their newest album, Street Corner of Fear, (their third), showcases that. Regardless of the overall feel of this record, the music itself and all things within are done really well. Murder in Ohio is a strangely singable cut, with a great hook, while Body on Me is a song I could see on the next Quentin Tarantino movie soundtrack. The guitars are always big and chugging, the bass work is excellent and the drumming is powerful. Sometimes they sound like Dope or Godhead and other times they come off like (older) Buckcherry. There is not one bad track on Street Corner of Fear, and I can safely say that with confidence. Dirt is the standout track of the record, because of the combination of charging, unrelenting guitar riffs and eerily haunting vocals. The double bass during the chorus and the guitar solo bridge make the whole song better. Street Corner of Fear is best when taken with a stiff drink.

There are not a whole lot of bands doing what 60 Second Crush is doing, and there are not a lot of musicians who can duplicate their music. They can make you dance, then make you mosh, and then have you singing along.

This is the kind of band I see coming off Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, not in Detroit, but thankfully for all of us, a band a like this exists. We need this band. In a music world consisting of pop music and R&B constantly in the spotlight, 60 Second Crush is a much needed musical kick in the pants.
- Detroit at Home online magazine


Street Corner of Fear - Full length CD - 2007 - Aural Pleasure Music
Scratch - Full Lenth CD - 2005 - Aural Pleasure Music
Love for a Minute - 2002 - Full Length CD - Aural Pleasure Music



Detroit rock band, 60 Second Crush, cranks out high voltage guitar rock that makes you dance, sweat and raise your middle finger in salute to music that’s Detroit's great rock and roll tradition. 60 Second Crush’s revved up sound and full-throttle stage show has won over international and local audiences alike, while earning the band critical accolades. 60 Second Crush is a rock and roll workhorse - writing, recording and doing what the band loves best - playing live. In the last few years, the band toured extensively headlining festivals in Munich and Hamburg (Germany), Mexico and Amsterdam, to rocking high profile showcases at legendary venues: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, SXSW, The Viper Room (Los Angeles) and CBGB’s (NYC).

Back at home in Detroit - 60 Second has shared the stage with a staggering array of national artists including Buck Cherry, Fingereleven, Poison's Bret Michaels, 7 Mary 3, Sponge, Dope, and many more. Despite being tour support for bands of such different genres - 60 Second Crush has always risen to the occasion and simply put, kicked ass. Festival favorites, 60 Second Crush also performed at numerous events in the U.S. some of which include "Arts, Beats and Eats," "Rally in Hell," "Dally in the Alley," "Meany Fest," "Screwed, Blued and Tattooed," and the "Motor City Music Conference."
60 Second Crush's music is currently heard all over television most recently on VH1's "100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs," A&E's "Gene Simmons Family Jewels," and the Travel Channel's hit show "Man V. Food."