60 Second Silence

60 Second Silence


"Like The White Stripes and Second Coming-era Stone Roses jamming with New Order. Yup - told you they were good. Sequencer lines and tight as f*** drumming collides with dirty blues guitar riffs, moody, retro keyboard sounds and ’80s overcoat misery." PopJunkie TV


We are a 2-piece from London. We have pioneered a new genre - Rhythm and Blues Electro. We like mixing live guitars and drums with loops and samples. We like big riffs... We like beats... We like the latest gadgets... We like blues... We like to play loud and mix it together... A 2-piece rock'n'roll band that sound like Led Zeppelin remixed by LCD Soundsystem.


Preparing forthcoming release of Debut E.P.

Set List

30-45 minute sets of 6-8 songs to dance to and play air guitar to, plus occasional remixes at the end of the set if we get chance!