My music is a sort of jazz vocal spinoff on hip hop song writing, focusing mainly on my personal tales of romance, travel, and even some 21st century issues. If you were to take a really melodic and musical but hard hitting beat and add a sultry energetic and honest voice behind it, you'd have me.


2 years in the making, it's here: 616 PM featuring the production of JPalm and the producers of Invisible Inc., with the voice of 616 formerly of Get Live.

The music on the new album, 616: PM, bridges the gap between hip hop and Popular Music song writing. The entire album was written for a solo male singer with piano accompaniment and then arranged for the studio to be produced with hip hop, pop, and some rock undertones. It has dark/mellow and peppy/comical 21st century love songs throughout, but follows the title theme (PM). It also stays within the setting it was written and recorded in; San Francisco.

The introduction song to the album 'Welcome to the Night' takes place at one of many popular renegade performances in SF's Golden Gate Park in the early evening to introduce the listener to the various sites of interest that appear further into the album.

The album as a whole doesn't draw much attention to it's calico, almost displaced production because it spends most of it's time just trying to appeal to the listener as relaxing, catchy, and pretty music that you can turn in and tune out to.

It's a collage of songs that no connoisseur of any genre of popular music should be without


Get Live Crew [Getlive] (LP) US
- Getlive 2006 -

Go Back Rewind [616 w City Ministry] (Single) BRZ
- Getlive 2006 -

Sing it Slowly [616] (Single) US, UK
- Catapult 2007 -

616: PM [616] (LP) US, UK 2008
- Mindsplice/Catapult 2008 -

Set List

Welcome to the Night
Tired of you
Lunar New Year
Place I Go
Go back Rewind
Roll the Dice
Perfect Question
I Smiled at You