619 Lexington

619 Lexington


Lexington has a very unique vibe thats sure to make your body groove! With twists of Island Reggae, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, and Funk. Lexington will be sure to turn heads and leave you in suspense of whats going to come next. Their laid-back music will leave you smiling and wanting more..


An up-n-coming San Diego band that has been playing locally with out an album or demo since 2006, has just released their first album In the month of Sept 07'
Lexington has been fortunate enough to share the stage with such acts as:
DMC from Run DMC
Side Car
and many more....
Current and former NFL Charger members: Shawne Merriman, Jr. Seau, and John Carney

Comedians: Antoine Blackman, Kathleen Madigan, and Chris Spencer

Lexington has played such venues as:
The House Of Blues SD
4th and B
The Belly Up Tavern
Pacific Beach Bar and Grill
Blind Melons and Winston's
and more venues/bars throughout the San Diego County.

With a lot of the momentum that has been built from all our friends and fans here in San Diego, Lexington wants to expand all horizons and tour the California coast, and possibly more....
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Album: Lexington

Set List

Gateway View Beauty Queen
Long time Kingdom
Experienced Reason
Fire Change
Go With The Flow Gold
In The Middle Diego
Lighting Stir It Up By Bob Marley
Mistah Cool
Gloria City
Positive Vibrations Paper
Losing Never Turn
Lion America Lightning