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"CD Review"

In fact, everyone comes out smelling like a
rose on this CD. The songs and production
are far superior to anything they have ever
done. No stinkin’ out the joint on this effort.
Bassist Pete DeKoker gets credit for writing
some fine unforgettable tunes.
The song line-up is representative of the
band’s live act and show their favorite
influences – the Ramones and the Stooges –
Larry, Moe and Iggy. They burst out of the
gate with the hang-onto-your-hats “Dear
John.” It’s the rock and roll equivalent of
riding bareback and it sets the tone for
everything to come. Giddy-up.
They may be middle-aged and pushing 50,
but the songs are the same concerns of any
17-year-old punk – getting pissed and
getting laid. But now from a more mature
perspective which is best summed up in a
song about how the hassles of home and
work are “Keeping Me Away (from My
Punk? Glam? Naw, this is just straight-up
Hard Rock. The boys rock long and they
rock hard, with staying power to go all
night long. No slow, tender love ballads;
just wham-bam-thank you, mam. And as the
song-writing shows, these aging rockers
ain’t shooting blanks. Feel free to insert your
own Viagra joke here.
Robert Pegg is a writer who’s been called
“smug, glib and impertinent.” Visit
for more of his musings.
- Art Scape- London Ont.

"Top 10 Albums London"

# 8.
'63 Monroe: Last Exit to Rawk n Roll (Speed City Records)

Old glampunkers never fade away -- they just rawk, loud and louder against the dying of the night.

So it is with The Legendary '63 Monroe -- as it says, ever so modestly, on the cover -- of this fine rip from our ageless heroes. Even Tex Ritter via John Prine is embraced on the way to The Last (definitely not Lost) Exit to Rawk n Roll.

Frontman Scott Bentley parties on like a long, tall philosopher time warped back to 1977. Bassist Pete Dekoker offers nougats of punk wisdom. Everybody else makes sure the bop blitzkriegs on and on.

Words to live by: "I'm free, let it be -- if only for two minutes 38."
- London Free Press 12/22/07



'63 Monroe/NFG-Vinyl 12" EP 1980 Nardem 005

I'm Henry VIII I Am-7" vinyl 1983 b side: Soup To Nuts Savvy Records

White Christmas-7" vinyl 1984 b side: mono mix Savvy Records

Stinkin' Out The Joint-13 song LP and cassette 1985 Savvy Records

Official Release

*We Have Enjoyed Ourselves, Christmas CD and Stinkin' Out The Joint 3- CDR's repackaged into a box set 2003

Stinkin' Out The Joint - London Punk Rock Documentary, filmed by Mario Circelli, aired on television by the New PL, released on DVD 2004

Hijack Victim-12” vinyl- ‘Greatest Hits & unreleased Gems’ Package-Rave Up Records-Italy- 2006

Last Exit to Rawk n Roll –Speedcity Records-April 2007



The Ballad of '63 Monroe

"The bars owners crazy and drunk, we got our money but he's got a gun" from the '63 Monroe original song....'Bug Out'.
Every road bands worst nightmare comes true, hanging with the bar owner after the show and he just keeps pounding the whiskey shots, well you know one thing leads to another and before you know it...it's 'BUG OUT' time....running for the van in minus 20 degrees dead of Canadian winter, middle of bumfu*k nowhere Northern Ontario, checking for bullet holes. Now that's rawk n roll, been there done that!
But you know what, '63 Monroe just can't quit it!
We may have some mileage on us, but if you see this band live you know you've seen a rawk band that cares about what they feed their fans. Sure they've played CBGB's, sure they won the best punk band 2008 at the London Jack Richardson Awards, sure they we inducted into the London Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2003, but what can they do for you today...kick friggin ass is what...like the song says..."Wonder why I do it, just wanna play a little rock n roll"...'nuff said....'Steven R Stunning'