669 is not your typical NW band. We play original music that is made more unique because the electric violin is featured as a lead instrument. Our songs cover a lot of ground from sex and love to war and politics. Our music is a synthesis of rock and pop borrowing from jazz, ska and even rap.


669 entrance their audiences with songs about sex, love, death and politics. It might sound like typical pop material but these musicians reach between the everyday with a fresh perspective and a fresh sound. Starting off with the basic rock three piece (bass, drums and guitar), 669 add the electric violin as a lead instrument, providing the group with a distinctive flair. Their catchy tunes borrow from a variety of influences and genres to create music that has broad audience appeal.

669 began their journey to stage and recording with an inspiration by band founder, Tony Bonjorno. A gay man, Bonjorno had played electric violin and sang for years in “straight” bands. In 2003, he decided it was time to start something new, a project where he wouldn’t be a “token”. He recruited fellow lead singer/songwriter and bass player (and openly queer) Shane Rooks to join the bill. Bonjorno’s long-time friend and collaborator, drummer, Dean Moore (the “straight guy”), joined the ranks in 2004. After several false starts with other guitar players, Dylan, an out lesbian, signed on in early 2006 to complete the foursome.

Although some of their work is unabashedly queer, the writing and musicianship exhibited by 669 transcends simple labels. Anything is fair game for this fab foursome from typical pop fair like love and loss to more difficult topics like drag queens, suicide, drug addiction and politics. To hear their music is to love them.


Touch the Sky - debut LP including 13 original tracks
Monsters - scheduled for release in Jan, 2007

669 was honored to receive the 2005 Pride in the Arts Award for "Favorite Album/CD" for their debut release, Touch the Sky. In addition, 669 was honored by nominations in three other categories (Favorite Group, Pride Song - Touch the Sky, and Musical Artist of the Year).

Set List

A typical set list for us lasts 30 to 45 minutes and might include:

Other Side of Lonely
Breaking the Rules*
Seven Days
Hand Me Down*
Lost in Space
Devil's Drive
The Other Side
Move Along*
Caution Betrayed

We don't do many covers but we do cover the following songs:

Flower's on the Wall
Space Oddity
Chapel of Love

*not yet recorded