69 Fingers

69 Fingers


We are a rock band with horns with influences from the punk and ska genres, but do not like to be labeled either of these genres. We play music to play music, and not to stick to one genre or another.


69 Fingers is a small town hardworking band that have been offering their music to open minds for seven years. It all began when they met each other in their high school marching band. Since that time, 69 Fingers have built a chemistry consisting of many different opinions and faiths which one would experience in a very entertaining live show.

The name 69 Fingers comes from the original seven member group that started it all back in 1997. One member incidentally lost one of his fingers in a lawn mowing accident as a child, leaving the cumulative amount of fingers in the band to equal 69.
Now, with almost eight years under their belt, this quintet plays experimental ska-rock with a heavy punk influence. "There really isn't a genre that we can be placed under. I've heard many different genres in my life time and we have started our very own," stated 69 Fingers drummer, Lucas Scarpelli.

After releasing two full length albums and two EP's, their latest effort is a live recording. You will hear four songs from this album on this site.

69 Fingers recently moved to Orlando, FL, fueled simply by the obligatory want and need to play and spread their music to a whole new audience.

"Our music is fun. We play it the same way that we listen to it... open minded. People who have relayed this message before us, need to hear what they've done to their fans," guitarist for 69 Fingers, Steve Osborne.


We have released three EPs titled, "It's all fun and games till we get hurt," "Narcoleptic Sleepover," and " 69 Fingers alive album."

Set List

We can play a wide range of sets... We can play from a 10 minute set to several sets lasting up to 3 hours with each set being 45 minutes..
here is the list of original songs we have:
4 sale
hate yourself
average joe
thank you
pick it up
she said
URAQT 3.14
How to get a new Life
Girl In the Middle
Movie Star
Faster, Stronger
I'd Be blind
3 piece suit
Dear Someone
Drinkin' Song
April 14th
Shampooed and Conditioned Response
Conspiracy in D
Crush Proof Box
Pocket Full of Change
Atomic Girl
Cool Guys
Breakfast Bar is Open 24 hours a Day
Last Mistake
Ugly Tree
In One Ear

Wonderwall (Oasis)
Jump (Van Halen)
Oh Blah De (Beatles)
End Of the World (REM)
3 Little Birds (Bob Marley)
Can't Take my Eyes Off of you (Frankie Valli)
What's up (4 non blondes)
What I got (sublime)
decrescendo (rx bandits)
hey (suicide machines)
eightball (the impossibles)