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The best kept secret in music


"69 Fingers A musical Approach"

The year is 1997; in the minds of five talented musicians from Charleston, West Virginia, a dream is born. They convene for a test drive, and found that it was good. A vision has now been brought to conception, but the musicians know it will not be easy to attain their goals…it is a road fraught with many hardships. And so it was, that the members of 69 Fingers, valiantly rolling up their sleeves, put it on the lock-down and triumphantly came to fruition.

In eight years, this "experimental rock band with horns" has unquestionably established a place for themselves in the music scene. Setting themselves apart from ordinary ska with a more intricate approach to music, 69 Fingers has greatly appealed to both the general masses and musicians. While some may attempt to cram them into a punk / ska classification, this band just doesn't fit; their sound does not come from a genre. The sound of 69 Fingers emerges as the result of big dreams, open minds, perseverance, hard work, determination, and an educated approach to making music.

Steve Osborne on lead vocals and guitar is a perfect conduit through which the band's many smooth transitions are made. With an accurate voice and general style that is easy to get along with, he demonstrates all around professionalism by blending in perfectly and standing out at the same time. Having been on vocals for just three years and guitar for about four years, his natural ability is apparent and definitive alongside his acquired skill. Equally as impressive (and entertaining) is when Steve flips his guitar onto his back and wields his trombone-which he has been playing for the last eight years. "I really appreciate the energy of the fans," says Steve. He is happy to cater to an open- minded audience.

Adding a whole new dimension of color and diversity to 69 Fingers is David Scarpelli, who has studied the Tenor Saxophone and vocals for eight years. As another example of the high level of cohesion demonstrated by the band, he blends in perfectly and has a solid presence. His vocals are supportive and strong; his saxophone is stylistic. "Performing with this band allows me to let out emotions that are not expressed in normal circumstances," says David as he reflects on his approach to the music of 69 Fingers-an inspiring testimony in a class of it's own. He'll also belt it out on his trombone when he feels like it, which he has been acquainted with for about one year.

On trumpet is Chris Woodall. Full of life and spontaneity, his fiery sound and lively presence makes a contribution to 69 Fingers that leaves nothing lacking. With twelve years of experience, he does his part to keep things moving with multi bar countermelodies, harmonies, and strategic phrasing. The musicianship of his contribution to the band should not be overlooked. From bold, punctuated musical statements to a more laid-back entwinement of notes, Chris is definitely not just some ska band trumpet player.

The dynamic approach of bassist Brian Jett is no joke. Locking down tightly with drummer Lucas Scarpelli, an unbreakable foundation is set for the rest of the band. Sometimes cleverly accentuating the main melodic line; at other times, he is heard braiding his own rhythmic melody between existing harmonies. Brian has his own way of bringing 69 Fingers to life without ever being obstructive. His presence is rather powerful, and helps with the fullness and richness of the band. Brian has known his craft for about ten years, and during his senior year of high school he learned all about another low-end instrument…the Tuba.

An affluence of creative energy, drummer/percussionist Lucas Scarpelli has been exploring his edge of the world for about fifteen years. Embellishing each musical statement with an acute precision of execution, Lucas has an endless bag of tricks from which his style flourishes. His playing is lively, and adapts cohesively with the rest of 69 Fingers, never stagnating and always helping to bring out the band's many changes. From tempo changes to meter changes, Lucas's drumming does what's right for the music.

Although he recently played his last official show with 69 Fingers at the A.K.A. Lounge in Orlando Florida, it would be greatly amiss not to mention the virtuoso Bill Hairston. Touring with 69 Fingers for the last year, he contributed strong presence and fullness to each show. In addition to his trumpet, which he's been acquainted with for six years, he has had many other musical excursions. Bill has played the violin for six years, and sang in chamber choruses throughout middle school and high school. Exuding a very positive attitude, Bill feels a great deal of satisfaction in what he does. He'll be back with the band every now and then, such as when he's on vacation, but for now he is going to school up north for political science and law. What's Happening Daytona wishes you the best of luck, Bill, and looks forward to seeing you onstage again with 69 Fingers du - www.whatshappeningdaytona.com


We have released three EPs titled, "It's all fun and games till we get hurt," "Narcoleptic Sleepover," and " 69 Fingers alive album."


Feeling a bit camera shy


69 Fingers is a small town hardworking band that have been offering their music to open minds for seven years. It all began when they met each other in their high school marching band. Since that time, 69 Fingers have built a chemistry consisting of many different opinions and faiths which one would experience in a very entertaining live show.

The name 69 Fingers comes from the original seven member group that started it all back in 1997. One member incidentally lost one of his fingers in a lawn mowing accident as a child, leaving the cumulative amount of fingers in the band to equal 69.
Now, with almost eight years under their belt, this quintet plays experimental ska-rock with a heavy punk influence. "There really isn't a genre that we can be placed under. I've heard many different genres in my life time and we have started our very own," stated 69 Fingers drummer, Lucas Scarpelli.

After releasing two full length albums and two EP's, their latest effort is a live recording. You will hear four songs from this album on this site.

69 Fingers recently moved to Orlando, FL, fueled simply by the obligatory want and need to play and spread their music to a whole new audience.

"Our music is fun. We play it the same way that we listen to it... open minded. People who have relayed this message before us, need to hear what they've done to their fans," guitarist for 69 Fingers, Steve Osborne.