The Mercury Rising

The Mercury Rising


We have a huge sound and a great stage show. We are seasoned players that know how to entertain.


We have been together as "The Mercury Rising" for two years now. Our influences range from ABBA to Frank Zappa. What sets us appart from other bands is the fact that we dont sound like any one band in-particular. We have developed a sound that is unique and at the same time completely familiar. It has a feel that is easy to get into quickly.


We put out a 5 song EP in 2007 that sold nearly 1000 units with no advertising outside of gigs. We have not released anything for airplay yet.

Set List

We write and play all original material at the moment and we play local rock clubs that let you play 35 to 45 minute sets. We play eight to ten song typically.
Our songs have names like:
Catterpillars With Swithchblades...5:00
Borrowed Time...5:00
Tin Man...2:55
Not Like TV...4:44
Your Submission...3:48
In The Line of Fire...5:00