6 Again

6 Again


Music inspires the heart, mind and soul. Music breeds creativity and is found in all walks of life. Music spans every generation and every culture. We have music in our hearts, approach it with an open mind, and play our instruments with our soul. We are musicians.


The band 6 Again was formed in 2002 throughout this time band members have changed and changed roles. After having several band names the group finally settled into the name 6 Again. Rob Workman is one of the lead vocalist and acoustic guitarists but was the bands original bass player. Since Rob had changed roles Scott Frade was introduced to the band and has taken the position of bass player. Scott is naturally a guitarist but has grown into being a great bassist. Andy Kirk brings a great amount of energy to the band as the drummer. His enthusiasm and drive are evident in his playing. Jeff Workman has also been playing with the band since the beginning. Jeff was the original lead vocalist and guitarist but through progression Jeff shares the vocal duties with his cousin Rob. Rob and Jeff are the main songwriters but each song is a group collaboration. On the bands first album there is a collection of special friends who help add flavor to the album.
The group shares a wide variety of musical tastes and interests. The variety of their style is very apparent in all of their original work. The band has a song for every generation to enjoy. In the collection of the bands cover songs they also span a wide variety of music that reflects their personal tastes. The bands self-titled CD was released early October, 2005 and is now available.


Self-Titled Debut CD - 6 Again

Set List

We prefer to play 60 to 80 minute sets of original music. However we can play 4 hours of cover material. We play a lot of cover songs by artist such as;John Mellencamp,Jack Johnson,The Doors, Pearl Jam etc.

Best I Ever Had 6 Again
Thursday Girl 6 Again
2 Dollars 6 Again
Girl In My Dreams 6 Again
Fool 6 Again
Everything Is Wrong 6 Again
Loving You 6 Again
The Other Ones 6 Again
Bleed 6 Again
Safe Haven 6 Again
One More Time 6 Again

Here are some of the covers we do :

Copperhead Road Steve Earl
Mama Don’t Dance Kenny Loggin
Midnight Rider Allman Brothers
Bad Moon Rising CCR
Pride and Joy