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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review of 'Assume the Position' #1"

"6 Pack Deep's music is a blend of riding in your car with the windows down and finishing a fifth of Jack and punching the guy next to you."

- M. Marjanovic - The Reveille - March 2006

"Review of 'Assume the Position' #2"

"...if Blink-182's Tom Delonge could rap,this is where you would hear him."

- Jessie Weiss - The Sun Herald - February 2006

"Review of 'Assume the Position' #3"

"The Song 'Beer Goggles" is porbably the truest anthem to guys who get drunk and make mistakes all over the world."

- M. Marjanovic - The Reveille - March, 2006

"Review of 'Assume the Position' #4"

It was surprising to hear such an intense intro come from a band whose pre-sho rituals include listening to music by Slick Rick and Journey."

- Jennifer Hatch - Tiger Weekly - January 2006

"Review of 6pd Live Shows"

"6 Pack Deep is always a band I can count on for a great live show. Just make sure the floor under the stage is reinforced, because they literally never stop jumping around. One of the best sounding bands and the best live shows today. 6PD knows how to move the large crowd they always bring like no other."

- Sam Territo
Owner, North Gate Tavern, Baton Rouge, La. - n/a

"Review of 'This Party Called Life'"

"...every song on this demo is something i've wanted to write at some point in my life but never had the balls to. Thank you 6 Pack Deep for having little shame and prowess to have your messages heard by thousands! ...The energy and articulation of 'This Party Called Life' presents a unique style that will definitely get 6 Pack Deep's name out nationwide."

- Todd Springer - CTSka.com - 2005


This Party Called Life - 2005
Assume the Positon - 2006
Wake Up - 2008
Just the Tip - 2010



6 Pack Deep is a six-piece rock band with brass and balls, thirteen to be exact... and a passion for leaving no face unmelted, no ass unshook, and no beer undrunk, specializing in high-energy, highly entertaining live shows/parties that are much like LOUD!

There is simply no comparison!

There are few bands who are able to successfully merge an array of sounds in such a way that gives birth to a style uniquely their own, but 6 Pack Deep has done so and has dubbed it:


From Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 6 Pack Deep is a group of musically dedicated individuals who have worked hard to not only break genre constraints and create this new sound that cannot be duplicated, but to also establish a new standard for stage presence.

6 Pack Deep's Live Show must be experienced!

And opportunities are abound for doing so as they are constantly touring the Gulf South region and far into Texas, spreading their brand of music with a fun, party atmosphere full of the enthusiasm that can only come from truly loving what they are doing: Rockin' peoples faces off!

Soon after the group formed in early 2005, 6PD recorded a five song EP entitled ‘This Party Called Life’ with Fred Weaver of Apocalypse the Apocalypse Studio, Baton Rouge, LA. The popular song, ’Damn the Man’ was even included on a compilation entitled “Murder City Underground” featuring the best ska/punk bands from the south.

In early 2006, 6PD released an eight song CD entitled ‘Assume the Position’, also produced by Fred Weaver. Riding the momentum of their second studio CD, 6PD made it all the way to the semi-finals of the nationwide Bodog Battle of the Bands!

In 2007, 6PD continued to polish up their catalog of new songs for their first full-length album 'Wake Up', which was recorded at Cypress Mill Studio by Mike Broussard, mixed by Ron St. Germain (311, Tool, Soundgarden, the Muse, etc.) at Big Blue Meenie studio, Jersey City, NJ., and mastered by Joe Gastwirt at Gastwirt Mastering.

Unwilling to compromise their sound or be confined to one musical style, 6PD has employed a mix of rock, ska, punk, reggae, and a little rap thrown in for good measure - in order to create a sound that is as inspiring as it is original.

Currently: 6 Pack Deep is working on a LIVE album scheduled for release early 2011.