6S is a fresh new band that combines originality and versatility into a brilliant, well-dressed blast of powerful, positive, melodic energy. Every single song has clever lyrics and an infectious singable hook that stays with you.


6S is tired of the same old thing. And they know you are, too. Bands that look the same, sound the same, and put out albums in which all the songs are recycled through the filter of sameness. If you're looking for another band like that, you need not continue reading. 6S says that music is freedom, and there are no rules. Bands that proclaim non-conformity in word but continue to comform in deed are from what 6S looks to separate themselves. And we aren't talking about some kind of weird music that nobody can understand. This is a mainstream format, folks. They rock, they croon, they joke, they preach. Every song is guaranteed to be as new and fresh as the last, with every song cleansing the pallet for the next. 6S knows about that Shania Twain CD stored directly above your Metallica CD. 6S heard your call. Just so happens that your call was also 6S's call. The call for something truly great. Just give it a listen!

6S is a very well seasoned cover/original band. We play an entire nights worth of cover/original songs spanning the entire realm of music.
Our cover sets will positively keep the dance floor at its capacity ALL NIGHT!!



Written By: 6S

I try to build you up
But then he goes and cuts you down
I help you straighten up
But then he twists you all around
How can you trust him
When you know just how he’s working you
I get disgusted
Cuz’ I see how much he’s hurting you

Oh can’t you see all the things that I’d be

I’ll be your crusader
And your liberator
Your facilitator
Look at him he’s your dictator
And your agitator
Your manipulator

I give you belly laughs
But he gives you a belly ache
I’m pushin’ on the gas
But he’s there pullin’ on the brake
It’s so amazing how you stay
And let him toy with you
I get so crazy cuz’ I see how he’s destroying you

The Great Malaise

Written By: 6S

There is a big picture at hand
And they'll distract you if they can
The more chaos the better

Manipulation on TV
Creates a false reality
The less you see the better

Encourage fighting at our base
Religion, class, gender and race
The less united the better

What will become of this new breed
So unaware and cannot read
The less they learn the better

Some will deny it
Because it's easy that way
Victims of their mind dilution
Stand up and fight it
Because they're stealing our souls
And reject this life pollution

Something troublesome and odd
Is the phasing out of God
The less you say it the better

If you are shy then you are ill
And we can cure you with a pill
The more medicated the better

Some will deny it
Because it's easy that way
We've been programmed for rejection
Stand up and fight it
Because they're stealing our souls
And denounce this mind infection

There's only one way to cure this cancer
Do not look outward for the answer
Trust and listen to the sense inside of you
The sense you're conditioned to ignore

How can we claim that we are free
While they take our privacy
The more they know the better

Familiar past familiar goal
Creating fear to gain control
The more afraid the better

You've been lied to
Look inside you
It will guide you
No don't take my word
Look inside you
And defeat this mind dilution
And reject this life pollution


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Set List

The 6S LIVE show comes in 2 formats

Our ORIGINAL show consists of the MOST HIGH ENERGY EARTH SHATTERING 40 min set on the planet.

The set list:

We also PLAY an entire nights worth of cover songs spanning the entire realm of music.
Our cover set will positively keep the dance floor at its capacity ALL NIGHT!!

A sample of the COVER songs:

All my loving / The Beatles
Eight days a week / The Beatles
Great balls of fire / Jerry Lee Lewis
Heartbreak Hotel / Elvis Presley
Happy together / The Turtles
Pretty Woman / Roy Orbison
Call Me / Blondie
I want you to want me / Cheap Trick
Should I stay or should I go / The Clash
I love Rock n Roll / Joan Jett
The Middle / Jimmy Eat World
American Idiot / Green Day
Hash Pipe / Weezer
Beverly Hills / Weezer
Suck my Kiss / Red Hot Chili Peppers
Unglued / STP
Vasoline / STP
White Wedd