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"Secrets Of 6S / CD Review / "The Metronome" - Nov. 05"

What a cool band... Donnie, Worm, Derek, and Mike are like rock & roll ninjas sporting volcanic vocals, thunderous guitars and tight post-punk rhythms. Rock & roll just doesn't get any better than this. There's no bullshit here, kids. The double D's, Derek and Donnie strap on their guitars like howitzers and light the fuse. You're not exactly sure what the damage is going to be, but you know it's going to be big.
You're not going to want to take Mike's earthshattering bass lines for granted, because if you do the ground just might open up underneath you and swallow you whole. Then there's that crazy drummer Worm. What a wacky animated guy he is. He's pounding his drums like he's trying to get into his girlfriend's... well, you know where I'm going with this. These guys mean business and this is album is their calling card.
Recorded at Tin Wolf Studios in Sherborn, the audio gurus there caught these guys like bombs bursting in mid-air. Trust me, 6S is going to rock your world.
-Doug Sloan - The Metronome

"Secrets Of 6S / CD Review / "The Noise" - Nov. 05"

I like this CD. Three of the four members originally started a band when they were 14. They added a guitar player to bolster their sound. There's a chemistry, inspiration if you like, that comes from people who've played together a long time. This is my problem with the Berklee scene... all hired guns, pick and choose your perfect custom band, and very rarely do you achieve the musical chemistry that is so important for 6S. (I had to get a shot in at Berklee here) Blending a powerfully tight guitar sound, vocal harmony and insane but controlled drumming, you could listen to this equally well either sitting and drinking a beer, or jumping around yelling that the work week is over. This is a band you root for, a band you WANT to succeed. They're damn good, by any and all rock standards.
-Mike Loce - The Noise

""TAXI" Song review of "Again" / Oct. 05'"

WOW! This is a beautiful, straight ahead modern pop/rock love song. Good Job! A simple yet passionate story, told with lots of strong visual imagery. And the vox are right on the money, which is perhaps the most important element in a song like this - at least for me. They sound warm and wonderful, and are what REALLY sell it all. Nice tasteful lead guitar performance, too as well as a really interesting structure. Not typical, yet still dynamic... really interesting. Plus, you leave me wanting more, which is never a bad thing in modern pop/rock music.
- TAXI / Listener ID# 111

"Lazer 99.3 FM"

"VERY cool band...VERY cool stuff"!
-Comment made by DJ Haze following airing of "Crusader" by 6S

"I'll be spinning these guys for a long time".
-Email from DJ Haze - Lazer 99.3 FM


6S spent 6 weeks in a row on Evolving Artists.com Internet Radio's TOP TEN MOST WANTED. 6S peeked at #1 the third week!! - Evolving Artists.com Internet Radio

"Secrets of 6S / CD Review"

ALBUM CAPSULES by Mark E. Waterbury

6S- Secrets of 6S
Boston pop rockers 6s may be headed for the dollar signs if this CD is any indication. They have a solid grasp on the retro-influenced rock that has fueled the success of bands like Click Five and Jet, but they have a distinctive songwriting personality that serves notice they are not holding onto anyone's coattails. Wealthy Man snarls with gritty guitar power while Throw Me A Line has Beatles' touches. Their astonishing vocal harmonies are the crowning touch. URL: http://www.6sband.com E-mail: contact6s@comcast.net
- Music Morsals - Jan 06'

"The Secrets of 6S - CD Review"

You know given the album cover and the fact that this was an
independently released album, I sure wasn’t prepared for something that smokes
most mainstream pop-rock outfits. 6S is based out of Boston and are gleefully
abandoning straight-forward pop for the stadium-moving anthems of power-pop.
“Crusader” opens up with a song so damn catchy it could be an instant
gold-certified single. And it doesn’t stop there! The whole freakin’ album is
catchy and infectious and could be the end result of listening to a whole lot of
Axl Rose and Weezer. I tell ya, this is one 6S-ful (couldn\'t resist!) band that
some label needs to swoop up before the competition does!
- Smother Magazine - Feb. 06'


"Secrets Of 6S" Listen and purchase @ www.cdbaby.com/cd/6sband


Feeling a bit camera shy


6S is tired of the same old thing. And they know you are, too. Bands that look the same, sound the same, and put out albums in which all the songs are recycled through the filter of sameness. If you're looking for another band like that, you need not continue reading. 6S says that music is freedom, and there are no rules. Bands that proclaim non-conformity in word but continue to comform in deed are from what 6S looks to separate themselves. And we aren't talking about some kind of weird music that nobody can understand. This is a mainstream format, folks. They rock, they croon, they joke, they preach. Every song is guaranteed to be as new and fresh as the last, with every song cleansing the pallet for the next. 6S knows about that Shania Twain CD stored directly above your Metallica CD. 6S heard your call. Just so happens that your call was also 6S's call. The call for something truly great. Just give it a listen!

6S is a very well seasoned cover/original band. We play an entire nights worth of cover/original songs spanning the entire realm of music.
Our cover sets will positively keep the dance floor at its capacity ALL NIGHT!!