6 Sigma

6 Sigma


Northern Kentucky's, 6 Sigma, writes thick, brawny and undeniably powerful songs, burning with an adept aggressiveness, and delivered with intent and passion.


Google "6 Sigma" and you'll get approximately 426,000 results that mostly regard a philosophy practiced by corporations faced with the pressures of decreasing flaws and increasing immaculate production. Among this throng of instructional Web sites, 6 Sigma -- the Cincinnati band of the same name -- can also be found. While the bridge between data-entry and melodic Hard Rock might not be an obvious one, the band and the plan are actually quite similar.

"It's all about ideology and trying to be the best person you can be in what you do," explains guitarist Joe Beck, "(and) how to eliminate your weaknesses to achieve a perfect performance."

The entire band is tightly unified in their goal of presenting themselves as the archetype of a disciplined Rock group. Along with Beck, the quartet (including bassist Mike Reichert, drummer Ryan Kiefer and singer Smitty) is a template of professionalism. And after learning their collective history, it's logical to assume they have the talent and determination to do more than just continuing to make a name for themselves in Cincinnati. As Kiefer says, "You have to eventually think, 'Why not me?' You have to have that attitude. If you have any aspirations at all, you have to say 'Why not us?' What we're doing is just as good as anything on the radio."

So ... why not them? Since their beginnings in January of 2003, more and more people have come to realize that there isn't a satisfactory answer to that question.

Originally Beck, Reichert and Kiefer were in a band called Glass Moon, which was more of a side project while Reichert and Kiefer spent time attending to their more popular band, Broken Image. After those bands dissolved, Beck hooked up with childhood friend Smitty and they began collaborating on a serious project of all original material that was as aggressive as it was cathartic. With sly persistence, Beck reconnected with Reichert and Kiefer and coaxed them into filling creative niches as full-time members of the group that would be dubbed 6 Sigma.

While off-stage the band is lighthearted and friendly, it's clear that they carry a strong message. They might sound pissed off but, upon careful dissection, you'll notice that much of 6 Sigma is not about contempt and hatred, but more about the struggle to attain a perfect existence.

"We try to keep it positive. That's one thing I don't see enough in Rock music. Things could always be worse. You can still have angry-sounding music and be angry in your music but, in all, it has to come back to finding your balance," Reichert says sternly between bouts of cackling laughter.

Not to say that they don't have a flare for relentlessly rocking out. Their first album, Résumé, has caught the attention of many ears. One of their songs is featured on Acclaim's "All-Star Baseball 2005" video game and they are one of only 15 bands chosen from a pool of hundreds by Downline Records for a compilation CD of the best unsigned bands. They rotate gigs on WEBN's new Sunday night Native Noise show, and have had reoccurring appearances at Cincinnati's MidPoint Music Festival. This past year's MPMF was a transitional session that signaled the end of their time cradling Résumé and the start of having their new music in the front of their minds.

Currently, the band is embroiled in the production of their second album, which they hope to release in the spring. The band is hopeful that their music will catch the ear of a record label, but they are smart enough to lay back and wait for the right offer instead of jumping on any deal that might come their way.

"I think that gives us more determination, knowing that when we get a deal, it has to be a big deal," Kiefer says. "So it makes us aim high and to have that ambition and that 'Why not us?' attitude. It's all or nothing. We're not going to settle for some crappy deal."

Given their devotion to finding the "perfect state," they shouldn't have to. In 2006, everyone from casual listeners to industry scouts should realize the undeniable force of this band as they progress exponentially closer to practicing what they preach.


Résumé - released November 2004
(listed below are the tracks on Résumé)

1. six sigma - receiving airplay on XM Radio and Cincinnati's WEBN 102.7 FM
2. Misunderstood - receiving airplay on Cincinnati's WEBN 102.7 FM
3. unNatural - receiving airplay on XM Radio and Cincinnati's WEBN 102.7 FM
4. Okay
5. Balance
6. Brave
7. Against

Set List

1. Six Sigma Intro (keys) 1m 39sec
six sigma - 3min 36sec

2. Gateway - 4min

3. Balance - 5min 45sec

4. Dreams Within - 5min

5. Okay - 4min 45sec

6. In The End - 3min 30sec

7. Former Life - 4min

8. unNatural - 3min 45sec

9. brave - 4min 20sec

10. against - 3min 46sec

11. swamp song(Tool) - 4min

12. Misunderstood - 5min

Typical sets are between an hour and an hour and a half.