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"Tube Rejuvenator"

Some people, like me for instance, take the instrument, the equipment and the technical part of music and pay absolutely no attention to it. I can truly care less. I have no problem admitting that I am not at all concerned about what kind of guitar someone is playing, what kind of strings are on it, or what kind of amp I am hearing it through - let alone be concerned with the type of tube that is powering the amp. If you're putting out a good sound, and it has me groovin' and feelin' good, then that's all I want to know.

On the other hand, others - and of course musicians - take this type of stuff extremely more serious, and rightfully so. However, there are extremes. 6 V 6, a blues band from the Peoria, Illinois area, have actually named their band after a tube. In addition to that, they have named all three of their CD's after this tubes characteristics and/or recharging device. Their first CD was called "FIRE BOTTLE", their second was called "BURNING BLUE" and this, their third CD is called "TUBE REJUVENATOR". Very interesting. Either these guys have an intense fascination over this type of stuff or they are giving us a subliminal message about the blues.

6 V 6 consists of RUSSELL MILLER - who wrote the six original tracks on this CD - on guitar and vocals, his son AARON MILLER on bass and vocals, RANDY HOFFMAN on guitar and vocals and GENE DUNCAN on drums and vocals.

Four of my favorite tracks on "TUBE REJUVENATOR" all run in a row. The first, "BLUE TEARS", is one of the six originals. This track features lots of excellent guitar work and is sung with a real soulful feeling. Following is a very well done version of "AIN'T NOBODY'S BUSINESS" - which by the way, I have never heard anyone do a bad version of - and this track, once again, features some excellent guitar playing. Next is "LITTLE BLUE PILL", another original, which really rocks. More absolutely great guitar work on this track and a very noticeable tight rhythm section. Great cymbal work by GENE. The fourth track is "EMPTY ARMS", a song by SRV, in which the bass player excels and the song once again is very nicely sung. These four tracks kept me in one long constant groove.

"MILLER TIME", another original, catches the whole band at the top of it's game on a hot swinging track. Another track that I particularly liked was a song that was done by one of my favorite old bands from way back when - Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen - and the song is "SMOKE THAT CIGARETTE".

This CD by 6 V 6, which started out with a track called "5 O'CLOCK" and ends with one called "3 A.M.", was truly enjoyable listening. These guys know the blues as well as they know their tubes.

- Peter Blewzzman Lauro


Burnin Blues - 2001
Fire Bottle - 2003
Tube Rejuvenator - 2004
Original Blues - 2006



The 6V6 story: Russell Miller has been playing guitar and singing since 1970, and most of it has been the blues. Although versatile enough to cover any style of music, he would rather sing in his blue eyed soul style to a new arrangement or tune, that swings through chord changes just a little differently than you might have heard before. It is a fresh style, and one that keeps you dancing.

After their demo CD managed to garnet airplay from the great blues DJ, Frank Black at WGLT in Normal, IL, a subsequent professionally produced CD brought appearances on nationally syndicated “Blues Deluxe” radio show and web based 6V6 began to push a little farther from home doing blues festivals as far north as Wisconsin and as far south as Kentucky. Having opened for the likes of Buddy Miles, Big Mike Griffin, Walter Trout, and Jimmy Thackery led to a memorable evening of Aaron sitting in with three members of the Fabulous Thunderbirds. In 2002 6V6 took top honors against seven top local bands in the Blues Blowtorch Society’s Central Illinois Regional Blues Challenge. This sent them to Memphis to compete in the International Blues Challenge in 2003. They also represented the Illinois Central Blues Club of Springfield, IL in the 2005 IBC.

In 2003 Randy Hoffman joined the mix. A seasoned bluesman having played with some top local and regional bands, he can comp the jazzy guitar chords and carry the blues rhythm right to the audience. The release of their next two CD’s, Fire Bottle and Tube Rejuvenator, have been placed by GLT and 101FM Teneriffe, Australia, in the Top 25 rotation as submitted to Living Blues Magazine, and have again been featured on Blues Deluxe and We have all of the CD’s available on

You may find 6V6 in some dark, out the way club, or soaking up the sun at regional blues festivals. Wherever, we can guarantee you’ll be grooving big time on our blues.

Contact: Randy Hoffman at or 309/531-2533