Papa Smurf Mr Azz Acta

Papa Smurf Mr Azz Acta

 Houston, Texas, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Smashing mic's is only a small part of what he's known for. The lyrical talent is this man's professional 'forte'. You won't be dissappointed. The latest underground album "Actin A Azz" has more hits to keep you on edge and fully aware of just how much his music needs to be heard.


Papa Smurf, the energetic, comical, and self fan proclaimed “Mr. Azz Acta”, from the “44 Neighborhood” of North Houston. “Raw Azz What I Sho” was his first solo project with the following of “Mathematics Trigonometry” which demonstrated the “revitalized southern style”. His lyrical ability of quick wit and tongue twisters produce infectious tunes that are sure to become a part of any rap fan’s playlist. Far from being a stranger to the entertainment industry, he's been refining the art of his “Southern Rap” craft since 1996. From Swishahouse to Big House Records (founded by Sergio Eligondo), he's worked with some of music's most noted recording artists.


Caroly Rodriguez
Dope La Familia Featured &
Medicine Girl Featured & songwriting credits

Hail on Earth
Big House Records (BCD Music Group

Grills, Skills & Purple Spills
The 3rd Degree
Dec 2008
-We Throwed

The Freestyle Junkie 2001- PKT
4. Benjamin Franklins
9. Fly Katz

The Beastmaster 2002
13. Yung Gunz
15. Control the flow

Real Talk, Real Music- PKT
14. Watch My Shoes

Back 2 Tha Biz-Lester Roy
Oct 2, 2007
Big House Records (BCD Music Group) / The Orchard
Track 3.Like Jawz
Track 6. Boppers Can't Have It
Track 7. On & On

Pouring up & Blowin up- Lester Roy
Oct 2, 2007
Big House Records (BCD Music Group) / The Orchard
Track 5. See Me Crawlin
Track 6. Dem Boys
Track 8. Acta Azz
Track11. Its Real
Track15. Flow

Throwback: Before They Were Famous CD
Oct, 2007

Rapid Ric & Mr. Rogers - Afta Da Relays 2K6 (2CD)
9. Northside Flow

Still Tippin in Texas-Mike Jones & Lil Flip
Nov 15, 2005
TJ Music (BCD Music Group) / The Orchard
Track 2. Dedicated to the Ballers

Raw Azz What I Sho- Papa Smurf
Break Yo Sef Records