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730 Camp

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With some of the hottest lyrics ever spit, 730 camp brings a fresh dose of reality to the world of hip-hop


Since breaking onto the scene in early 2004 with their first mix tape "The Lost Freestyles Vol I", 730 Camp have continued to surprise and ignite all that come into contact with their music. True to their craft and far beyond the gimmicks and lies that currently flood the essence of Hip Hop; this duo has more than just music to offer. Setting out to bring music's focus back to the true origin of Hip Hop and dedicated to representing their hood's 730 Camp members Ha Dig and Durt have it all in perspective.

"Everything about us is street" claims Ha Dig, as he points to his NYC tattoos. "We don't make records that don't represent us or what we've been through. Hip Hop only respects the truth and that's what we give off in our music."

Ha Dig and Durt may be the rap games biggest secret. The New York born and breed and now Atlanta residents are the next hip hop wordsmiths to bring their real life rhymes and dynamic delivery to the national forum.

"We feed off of each other a lot", claims Durt as he comes out of the booth at Star Traxx recording studio in Atlanta, Ga. "It may be me coming up with the hook or Ha Dig just hearing my verse and it's a wrap after that. All of our verses go hand in hand".

730 Camp began with two brothers Ha Dig and Durt in the early 90’s. Not until the early 2000's did they become very productive in their art do to the uncontrolled hardships in their lives. The versatile group has recorded countless songs and freestyle, which has led to many appearances on the mix tape circuit.

In 2006 after hearing one of the groups mix tapes, they caught the eye of Thadius McCullough and he signed them to his DaSoundBooth Entertainment artist management company. They immediately went into the studio and began work on their next mix tape. The group released "Cryme Tyme Vol II-The Wire" in December 2006.

After performing at countless shows, the group is gearing up to release their first full length album summer of 2008. With guest appearances by some of the hottest unsigned artist like Young PI, and Lady X, and veteran artist like Calvin Richardson this album will be sure to heat up the summer. So venture into the Camp and find out for yourself why the Streets Are Talking!!!!!


2004 " The Lost Freestyles Mix Cd"
2005 "Cryme Time Vol I"
2006 " Cryme Time Vol II- The Wire"

Set List

5 min for one song
30 min for show
Featured Act 1 hour for full length show