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"Unsigned Spotlight: 745"

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Gian: 745! How did this magnificent journey begin for you guys and how did it all come together?

745: 745’s journey began in 1999 when a young Arlie Polston(AP) started making bears and recording rap songs at his mom’s house when he was 17. At his side was his younger 14 year old brother Brendan(Big Vern). Together they accumulated over 100 songs but always felt as though something was still missing. After years of members coming and going and fighting against the local rock/metal scene in Peoria, IL, something had to change and the idea of forming an all live band with a mixture of rap and heavy rock music, what we like to call Rack Music. So with Avery Rush(Mr. Rush), who had been with the boys for quite some time, and their longtime friend Trent Mercer(T Merk) who’s life revolves around playing guitar, the band slowly started to take shape. Shortly after, they hooked up with a second guitar player by the name of Matt Bridgeman(MSB). The next addition to the band was an experienced guitar player Jarret Whitmer, who has shared the stage with several nationwide acts. Jarret actually started out banging the skins for 745 before he switched to bass, this guy’s an animal on any instrument with over 200 shows under his belt! With Jarret’s switch to bass come the entry of Brad Heid(Mr. Heid) on drums. Brad brings quite a bit of talent and experience to the group as well, like Jarret, Brad has shared the stage with plenty of bad ass acts himself. Last came the keyboard player, Josh Rodney(Rodzilla) who has an incredible ear for music and the drive to make things happen. Not only can this guys tickle the ivory’s like no other but he’s got himself a sick ass flow as well! For the past 3 years the operation has been headed up by the promotional and marketing monster that is known only as JRO. if it wasn’t for this guy 745 would definitely not be where they are today. Under JRO’s guidance 745 went to LA in September 2008 to record a collaboration with the legendary B Real of hip hop icons Cypress Hill. It was there that 745 met with Latin Thug/Koch Records about a possible nationwide distribution deal for their upcoming full length album. As a result the album is almost finished up and will be released late spring/early summer 2009!!!

Gian: Please explain to our readers what 745 music is all about and why people should take notice?

745: 745’s music is all about about bringing something new to the table. With us, its all about originality. We take great pride in everything we write as a band and put 100% of our emotion into our music. We’ve got an unpredictable, extremely energetic live show thats guaranteed to you out of your seat and moving!

Gian: Is there a certain message that you guys are trying to spread with your music?

745: The message we are trying to spread is diversity and being real with your songs. This day in age, if you can’t do just about everything, you can’t really do anything. It seems to us that just about any stupid shit can get on the radio and tv these days and nobody is writing songs that really mean anything. its the same crap over and over and over. our songs are real shit, we write about the situations we’ve been in and our struggles that we’ve experienced growing up. its time for a change in the music industry and the time is now! we believe our album will speak for itself…

Gian: If you guys had the ‘Dream’ concert of your choice with all the bands, dead or alive, you want to play, which bands would you guys have and why?

745: There’s too many to even begin to name, but if we had to name some, it’d be Cypress Hill, Rage Against the Machine, and the Kottonmouth Kings. All of them have made their mark on the music biz by being themselves and doing what they want, like we said, its all about diversity and originality.

Gian: Got any plugs?

745: www. 745band. com
745 on facebook
www. latinthugmusic. com
www. teamjro. com - Frantik Magazine

"Sunnyland band samples big time — Sunnyland, Ill. – 745"

745 — “Turning your wildest dreams into nightmares.” That is what Arlie Polston, vocalist for the Sunnyland-based band 745, likes to say. He especially enjoys saying it now that the eight-member band is back from California. Six months after starting a new style, the group went to Hollywood for a recording session with the band B Real at Temple Studios, Brendan said. Temple Studios is where Fleetwood Mac recorded, Arlie's brother, Brendan, added. The group worked with sound engineer Jake Turner who is also a DJ for Psycho Round. While 745 was in California they had the opportunity to meet with the president of Latin Thug Records. The guys walked away with an offer for a recording contract. To say they are stoked is an understatement. Drummer Brad Heid of Peoria Heights said he never thought it would happen. But, he adds, “it is all I have ever wanted.” In addition to a possible recording contract, there is talk of releasing 745’s demo on iTunes, followed by the hard release of their first CD. Bassist Jarret Witmer of Washington did not say much, but his smile while the others talked about their trip said volumes. The band’s manager, Jeff “J-Ro” Rosiak of Washington, said first met Arlie through a cousin. “They had a rough time growing up,” Jeff said, adding he decided to see what they were about. “When I first came across them, they were performing rap over tracks,” Jeff said. At first, Jeff volunteered his time making posters and flyers for the group. From there he began promoting them. Part of promoting the group involved a lot of networking online, Jeff said. It was that networking and surfing MySpace, that Jeff came across the recording opportunity. Now, the band waits while the contract is hammered out. Shortly after forming, the group disbanded. Rap was not working, Arlie said, adding they decided to combine rock and rap to come up with something that is “not rap, not rock.” The brothers picked up members and 745, named as an homage to the Polston brothers' hometown of Sunnyland, was reborn. Joining the brothers are drummer Brad, who also plays drums for The System After; bassist Jarret, who also plays guitar for TSA; guitarist Matt Bridgeman of East Peoria; guitarist Trent; keyboardist Aaron Irvin of Mapleton; and vocalist Avery Rush of Peoria. Arlie, whose first exposure to music was playing on cheap equipment in his mom’s basement, said he really prefers vocals. “I came out singing,” Arlie said. “I started with rap,” he added, but had very limited success. His brother, Brendan, didn’t start until he was 15. Trent played baritone and the tuba for the District 50 Wildcats marching band. However, as a high school student at Washington Community High School, Trent said he decided to switch to guitar. “I watched a documentary on Led Zeplin,” Trent said. “I saw Jimmy Page, and I was hooked.” He took classes at Dale’s Music and a few with Bela McNight. “We’re going places,” Trent said. “Hopefully Europe and Japan.” Jeff said Europeans are very open to alternative and undergroung music. “Everything happens for a reason,” Brad said, adding “It’s been insane. It’s like a roller coaster.”

Washington Times-Reporter - Washington Times-Reporter


Recently, Skratch N Sniff, syndicated rock / rap mixology radio show has been spinning our tunes. You can check them out at http://www.snsmix.com

"Let's Go" featuring B-Real of Cypress Hill can be heard in our EPK and will debut on 99.9 the Buzz in Peoria, IL and online at www.thebuzzpeoria.com/ shortly.

"Heart of the Enemy" is currently being played on 98.5 KissFM in Peoria, IL or on the web at kissfmpeoria.com

"Get Crazy" is playing during the local show on 105.7 the X radio in Peoria, IL.

All 3 of the above songs are also being played on the radio in LA.



We are 745. We have been rapping & making music for 10 years. We got selected to do a song with B-Real of Cypress Hill last year. We went to L.A. & recorded a track with B-Real at Temple Studios. The song will be on a world wide mix tape called THE HARVEST! As a result of the trip & the song, we got signed to Latin Thug Records (Los Angeles) for distribution of our debut 15 track album. Our 1st CD as a band is now distributed nation wide via Amazon at this link: http://amzn.com/B002NHLDY0 and soon iTunes before mid October. We come from a small town in central Illinois and the surrounding area is pretty tough. You've heard the saying "Will it play in Peoria." We work our asses off to make our music felt. Our crowds always get into the flow. Listen to our music and you be the JUDGE!