BandHip HopMetal

All-Live Heavy Alternative Hip Hop Band. Think of the best of Limp Bizkit, 311, Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine, Beastie Boys and Eminem thrown in a blender. "We turn your wildest dreams into nightmares," A.P.


We are 745. We have been rapping & making music for 10 years. We got selected to do a song with B-Real of Cypress Hill last year. We went to L.A. & recorded a track with B-Real at Temple Studios. The song will be on a world wide mix tape called THE HARVEST! As a result of the trip & the song, we got signed to Latin Thug Records (Los Angeles) for distribution of our debut 15 track album. Our 1st CD as a band is now distributed nation wide via Amazon at this link: http://amzn.com/B002NHLDY0 and soon iTunes before mid October. We come from a small town in central Illinois and the surrounding area is pretty tough. You've heard the saying "Will it play in Peoria." We work our asses off to make our music felt. Our crowds always get into the flow. Listen to our music and you be the JUDGE!


Recently, Skratch N Sniff, syndicated rock / rap mixology radio show has been spinning our tunes. You can check them out at http://www.snsmix.com

"Let's Go" featuring B-Real of Cypress Hill can be heard in our EPK and will debut on 99.9 the Buzz in Peoria, IL and online at www.thebuzzpeoria.com/ shortly.

"Heart of the Enemy" is currently being played on 98.5 KissFM in Peoria, IL or on the web at kissfmpeoria.com

"Get Crazy" is playing during the local show on 105.7 the X radio in Peoria, IL.

All 3 of the above songs are also being played on the radio in LA.

Set List

All music is 100% original. No covers.

Set List:
Intro (1:31)
They Dont Know (3:38)
Nobody Better (3:49)
Jesus Please (3:20)
Heart of the Enemy (3:48)
Real Life (3:33)
Too Late (3:04)
Reggae (3:57)
Dope Rapper (3:02)
Hate No More (4:16)
I Think You Wanna Be Me (3:58)
Closer to the Edge (3:43)
Lets Go (feat B-Real) (3:14)
The One (3:14)
Get Crazy (2:50)