777 Remnant

777 Remnant

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Rare Bread! 3 Innovative artist beyond the realms of mediocrity. Creating a captivating sound that brings the listener into subjection. Abolishing all barriers that restrains the typical Artist. Stepping out on faith and spreading a Message often rejected by the World. The Message of Jesus Christ!


777 Remnant is three young men with one Mission.
Spreading the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Predestinated from the foundations of the earth, to bring light to the dark and dismal genre of Hip Hop. Three young brothers delivered from the streets of Cleveland to forewarn their generation of the dangers of sin. Cutting edge beats draws the listener, Skillful lyrics captivates, and the message of God regenerates. Lead by the Spirit of God to expose the evil nature that saturates the airwaves. They are God's instruments, used to reveal his nature to a world blinded by selfishness.

No more church as usual!!!!


Who Want It

Written By: 777 Remnant

Who Want it?
We coming through.
Who Want it?
Me and the Crew.
Who Want it?
Triple Seven rep Jesus, So who are you?

Who Want it?
We in the Hood.
Who Want it?
We got that Good.
Who Want it?
We spread the Gospel, making sure it’s understood.

Who Want it?
Deep in them Burbs,
Who Want it?
Even you nerds.
Who Want it?
Forget Davinci Code, You better get that Word.

Who Want it?
We in the field.
Who Want it?
We keep it real.
Who Want it?
Before you die, We got to let you know the deal.

Get it, While the gettings good.
Spread the Gospel to the Hood.
To them Underground Kings, Diamonds up against that Wood.
Sitting on them 24’s, With Them Lambo Do’s.
It ain’t about yo Clothes, It’s about yo Soul.
Oh, You ain’t know, What this life’s all about.
Jesus Christ, had his kids, But the devil turned em out.
With his tricks and his schemes,
With his bricks and his beams,
With them chicks, in them Jeans,
With a wrist full of bling.
Gotta get, get cha cream.
Nah Dog, Get cha mind right.
Get up out the limelight.
You need to go and find Christ.
Before it’s Too Late, the Fools Fate,
When he MovesWeight.
Catch a New Case. He getting shanked over Toothpaste,
Cause dudes Hate.
Man He got Murked, What a Dang Shame.
Worst part is that his son, gone do the Same Thang.
Flame Jane, Slang Cain, Til he Chain Ganged.
Couldn’t Maintain, So he just another Man Slain.


This is Christ or die, For Christ we ride.
With a fire inside,
To lead a generation to hope and the faith,
That causes the Sea to divide.
Sowing the seed of the vine,
Because he’s the divine,
You need in yo life,
I picked up his Word, and read between lines.
See this world is dying.
See I spit a warfare scenario.
Spiritual death by stereo.
Rebirth into the spiritual.
Yeah, here we go.
Get it, While you can get it.
We spittin, what God has written.
To counter attack all the crap this cats spittin,
That’s not hittin,
I’m block trippin,
I got written for days for the ages,
Flip through the pages, Laced with,
God’s word, So amazing.
It’s amazing,
Ya’ll wanna sell blazing hot,
Why not living for God, and not Want a hell that’s blazing hot,
Maybe, Maybe Not.
These kids and these babies got it bad.
Suppose to be the future,
But what these artist spit, a lot of it’s bad.
And it ends up, killing the future,
Lot of them had.
And in order for change.
We got to get up, got to ge mad.
So I got to spit mad.
Declare and put Christ in the air,
From here, to all the way over there,
K-block, all the way to the Claire.
And Back
Tell everybody, from yo clique,
To yo baby Mommy, plus yo baby sitter,
That Jesus Christ, got that Hitter.


Go Street, Slow peep, Lean back
Like a nose bleed.
I’m a show him,
I was so deep,
I know the codes,
Know beef, know coke, know weed,
Was a lost sheep,
But he found me like Bo Peep,
You think you got heat,
Your 380 look shady,
Compared to the way he,
Make killas, cons, thieves,
fornicators, and idolaters,
Turn like 180.
So, when you say whats good,
I say Jesus Baby!!
They don’t know
You’ll change a sinner,
Like fall to winter
Or Spring to summer.
Because you wanna.
They don’t know you never sleep or slumber.
Your eyes are never catchcing some z’s.
Their constantly watching mans deeds,
But they don’t know that.
They think you in a club with Kanye,
Doing the two step in a throw back.
They don’t know you Holy,
You sit above the circles of earth, and
You stretch the heavens like a curtain,
Check him out,
Holy Bible fam, King James Version
Who want it.

Hook 2x


First Ep "Who Want It"

1. Prelude
2. Who want It
3. Jesus
4. Conquerors
5. Refreshing

Set List

1. Strongholds
2. Who Want It
3. D boys
4. Secular Music
5. Jesus
6. Conquerors
7. Sex
Set Time: 1/2 Hour to 45 minutes