The 78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band

The 78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

The 78th Fraser Highlanders are among the top ranked pipe bands in the world. Playing traditional and contemporary music with modern arrangements is their trademark for producing exciting and unforgettable performances worldwide.


From the beginning, the 78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band has played music that has included repertoire considered outside the pipe band norm. In fact, the 78th has thrived on the continuing musical challenges placed before them. Led by P/M Bill Livingstone, a desire to nurture new ideas, to risk unconventional arrangements, and enthusiasm to play good tunes well, either in concert or in competition, has always been the Frasers binding tie.

Since the band formed in 1982, it has played a major role in changing the perception of what, artistically can and cannot be done in pipe bands. Drawing upon sources from the full breadth of music in the Celtic idiom, the 78th has evolved pipe band performances to a level of artistry previously unimagined.
Although the band has been widely successful at the highest level of pipe band competition, it is in concerts where its music can shine most brightly. The 78th Frasers have played to packed halls around the world, including Northern Ireland; Edinburgh, Scotland; Saint John, New Brunswick; Ottawa, Ontario; Vancouver, British Columbia; Motherwell, Scotland; Miami, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Vail, Colorado; New Brunswick, New Jersey; Cleveland, Ohio; Richmond, Virginia, Glasgow, Scotland and Toronto, Ontario.

Competitively, the 78th Fraser Highlanders have been uncommonly successful. The band has won the North American Pipe Band Championship at Maxville, Ontario and the Canadian Pipe Band Championship at Cambridge, Ontario, an unprecedented 12 times each. Over the 16 times it has traveled to and competed in the premier Grade One at the World Pipe Band Championships in Scotland, the 78th have been in the prize list 12 times, and in 1987 the 78th became the first non-Scottish band to win the coveted award. In 2007 the band finished 4th overall at the World Championships in Glasgow and the Drum Section under Drew Duthart and the Bass Section under Johnny Rowe and Lauren Bonnett won the 2007 World Drumming and Bass Drum Championships.


"Flame of Wrath"
"Megantic Outlaw"
"Immigrant's Suite"
"Live in Ireland"