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"Review from Raphead.com"

Last night in Cleveland RAPHEAD.COM staff member Sincere was out and about.
first stop of the night was at Scripts in the Flats for Spitboxing. Now for those that aren't from here, a little 411 on spitboxing. It has been around for YEARS! Creator Suave Gotti is a seasoned vet and a very well respected member of the OHIO hip hop community. Movies have been made about spitboxing, google it and your knowledge on!
So slide through there, saw a bunch of friendly faces. Hushmoney Managment (raphead.com member) camp was in full effect. Shout to CJ, R.O.B and Skent Dukes who were all in the building supporting CLEVELAND hip hop to the fullest! (if you dont know about hushmoney...check out the exclusive raphead.com video of CJ and Skent Dukes performing on top of the Hushmoney promo Bus on Nov.1 outside the view, they really DO THIS!) so, ran into Al porter (also HUGE supporter and man on the scene for years in ohio hip hop) saw Play T from the PLaya T show, linked with Tropikana from 107.9fm, Beat effeck of pandemik records, Velo from Trillvision/Velocity, Silver B, MC Fame, and a few other people. It was good to see some real down to earth people that I haven't seen in a while. and FINALLY get to a spitboxing night! (every sunday for those of you who dare to try and take the belt!) Rappers come from all over the country to spotboxing so if you think you got what it takes, if you a battle rapper then come get the mic, and if you want to perform on a LIVE broadcasted show on the net get your spitboxing date down NOW!
I also got to see a new artist on the scene perform. His name is Truth. I have known Truth for about a year, and haven't seen him for a while, so I was excited to learn from Trop on Twitter that he was going to perform last night. now mind you, Truth is 6'5 (at least) covered in tats, built...kind of on the lines of a busta in his prime and if you know anything about the average size of rappers, you know that they not always as big as this!
Truth was the Truth last night! Everyone in the building come to the stage, he performed a couple songs, and had CJ and R.O.B on stage with him (very good look) and he did that damn thing! He comanded the stage, and forced you to pay attention even if you didn't want to or you weren't at the moment, his big voice slick verses and hood heavy lyrics with crazy beats behind them made you stand up and take notice. I was very happy to also get to meet his management who were actually have to tip my hat because they were so professional. Not all mangers of up and coming artists are about thier business, but from the handshake to the clothing to the buisness cards, Truths management was on point. I always say, Your management is your mouth piece and having a manager that is professional speaks volumes and can make people want to work with you when they have never met you. (applauding) - Raphead.com


Live From The Trap Volume 1#
King Of The Streets Volume 1#
A Day In The Life LP
Raised In The Streets Single



Born And Raised in Cleveland, Ohio. The product of a single mother and a father that struggled with drug addiction, Truth was bound to be a success if only by shear determination alone. As a youth he admired the style and essence of rappers such as LL Cool J, Run DMC, KRS 1 and the likes. He developed a desire to learn the art of writing rhymes and poetry from their influences. Although he had started expressing himself by pen and pad, his environment would soon cloud his vision. Turning to his uncles for advice, they taught him all they knew; The Game, how to make money the fast way while obtaining power and respect along the way.

By the age of 14 Truth was seasoned in hustling drugs, money, guns, and women. Shootouts and armed robberies had become commonplace. Running the streets and committing crimes became natural to him and gave a high like no other. That was until the charges of aggravated robbery, burglary and kidnap landed him in the penitentiary for six years at the age of 18.

While serving his sentence Truth went back to his true passion of writing rhymes. Never the one to be shy, he displayed his talent in front of hundreds of inmates at several talent shows while incarcerated. He spit his lyrics with so much power and conviction that he moved his crowd many times into tears and even riots. Watching the effect he had on his audiences, made him realize that he had a God given talent to share with the world.

Since his release from jail Truth has consistently given fans of true “street music” the reality they crave through the release of multiple mixtapes in preparation for his feature release.

With a booming voice and commanding presence, Truth is destined for Hip-Hop greatness. His lyrically edgy yet street-smart flow is sure to capture the ears and attention of listeners. Functioning creatively under one simple principle. Delve into the streets, under the diamonds and money, the cars and women, and what remains is real and absolute. What remains is Truth.