7 and 7 is

7 and 7 is


A band that's made history, without anyone knowing who they are--yet. First foreign band to have ever toured Cuba. A band with a sense of ambition and adventure with the tunes to back it up.


The first foreign band (rock or otherwise) in history to tour Cuba. The band played 7 shows across the island, with a film crew, photographer, and sound engineer in tow.

In Cuba, the band played shows to crowds of 10 people; the band played shows to crowds of 5,000 people. Some shows involved horse and cart to get the gear to a venue; some shows the band rode in brand new tour buses. The tour really encompassed a wide spectrum, on every level. The best part was that it also was something no band from outside Cuba had ever experienced before, and it all got captured on film for posterity.

Since its inception, the band has been known for the energy of its frenetic and engaging live shows. 7 and 7 is has created an original brand of Canadian rock n roll. On February 21st, 2009, the band released the documentary, "Una vez por la vida" (www.7and7isincuba.com) and its inaugural full-length album, "Spoils of the Empire."


New album, "Spoils of the Empire" and "7 and 7 is: Una vez por la vida" tour documentary film released February 2009. Inaugural EP, "Smashed to Pieces (in the Still of the Night) garnered positive reviews and college radio airplay around Canada.

Set List

Typically play sets of 30 to 45 minutes of 10-12 songs of original material. Known to pull out a few Clash, Neil Young or John Lennon covers if the mood strikes.