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Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos


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EQUILIBRIUM - 5 Song (EP)2010

1 Equilibrium
2 Nemesis
3 Mask
4 7th Sign
5 Swandiver

SEVEN AGAINST THEBES - Full Length CD (2011)

1 Serpens Caput
2 7.A.T
3 Equilibrium
4 Nemesis
5 Fruit Fly
6 Mask
7 7th Sign
8 Knebuchadezzar
9 Prey for Me
10 Swandiver
11 Feed the Furnace
12 Ophiuchus
13 Suicide Note
14 Serpens Cauda



BAND - Mythically inspired 4 piece progressive rock band. Seven Against Thebes (7AT) hails from Seattle, WA. and was originally formed in 2007 by guitarist Cyrus Rhodes, drummer Bruce Burgess, bassist Mr. Black and vocalist Rusty Hoyle formally of KNUCKLEBONE. Influences include but not limited to: Tool, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Audioslave and Deftones.

WRITING PHILISOPHY - During a rare 2011 interview, 7AT guitarist/songwriter Cyrus Rhodes bluntly described 7AT as a musical platform for misanthropy. (strong dislike of the human species). Seven Against Thebes is also a metaphor for good vs evil, as the songs examine the battle between good vs evil in the psyche of mankind. The music of 7AT has been described as dark, thought provoking, intense, unpredictable, and melodic.

VOCALIST RUSTY HOYLE. Fomally of KNUCKLEBONE, has been compared to a modern day Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots), Layne Staley (Alice in Chains), Mark Lanegan (Screaming Tress) and Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave). His amazing vocal presence and high-energy live performances make him a legend around the Pacific Northwest. He possesses all the trademarks you would expect from a typical front man, but Hoyle avoids the typical stereotypical pigeonholing by simply transcending other vocalists. Hoyle has been called the next Scott Weiland” and a “special entertainer."

EQUILIBRIUM (EP) RELEASE - In the Spring of 2010 the band released it's debut 5 song EP entitled EQUILIBRIUM. It receiving criticl acclaim from many prominant musics around the globe. EQUILIBRIUM received its fair share of airplay on many local radio stations around Seattle, Portland and the Tacoma area. It was on normal rotation on several radio stations in Southern California and even Canada. The music was widely accepted as something fresh sounding and unique but having a vintage Seattle sound.

SEVEN AGAINST THEBES (CD) DEBUT RELEASE - In 2011the band released their much anticipated debut full length (self titled) CD which contained over 60 minutes of music. It received many favorable reviews from several Music Review Hubs ry listed below:

"7AT raises the bar within the genera" Skope Magazine

"a unique and exciting experience" Music Street Journal

"7AT takes off where some of the big names of the genre started" Delusions of Adequacy

"the new TOOL" The Mag

"100% pure energy" EvO:R Entertainment

"amazing debut release" Indie Music Digest

"incredible music" Altsounds

"hottest new band of 2011" Indieshark

"TOOL meets STONE TEMPLE PILOTS" Rock n' Roll View

"7AT kicked my ass and melted my face" Skope Magazine

FUTURE PROJECTS - 7AT is currently in the studio working on their new CD entitled ART OF DECEPTION (AOD) to be released in Summer 2014. Cyrus and the gang are for the most part an independent musical operation, and wishes to remain that way. Cyrus explains "Our first priority is making good music, if 7AT just so happens to hit pay dirt, that's a nice bonus."

CONTACT - Send all inquiries through Katavi Arts. or Mark Saku law firm